My thoughts on king of the gnashers

I feel like Gears is so fun when Lancers aren’t involved. Feel like you guys at TC should do more modes with gnashers only than just KOTH. Gnashers only Escalation would be f*ckin NUTS imo.

Yeah that will bring the new players in, instead of playing a game that’s 95% one gun make sure it’s 100% one gun. Welcome to gaming 1990 edition. I mean the gaming public really suck up the gnasher game as it is.


Do love playing it now and again. Miss certain weapons but my god it is a laugh :rofl:

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Much as I hate rushing someone only to have them lancer me down I understand why. It’s a healthy solution to someone who is head downing you from a great distance instead of pulling out gnasher and fighting this dude with 120% confidence in his fight.

This is a really touchy topic though. It’s like Pepsi or Coke with the community.


I have nothing against the Gnasher, but I certainly don’t want any further variations of that terrible game mode.


i think they should do a koth wingman game mode with gnasher starts, kinda like the 8 player ffa mode

i dont get how one gun is fun. the balance is so poor. so pathetic. no smokes. no pistols… cover holding becomes god tier. its a literal bore fest. the game is at its best when it has gnasher players, support players. ability to hold positions of power and break those positions with well placed smokes and flashes… pushing most areas with a gnasher say on reclaimed in the trishot spot is literally almost impossible to push. you always take first shot against good teams in gnasher only… its soo badly designed and made

this community boggles my ■■■■■■■ mind how they will spend 60-80$ on one gun over and over again… i love the gnasher… but gears is ■■■■■■■ trash with literally only one weapon ALL the time. its fun sometimes… it should not be ideal game design for tc. or no one will want to come over from other games if we keep releasing gnashers of war., the game needs more than just 1 thing… just make a private match and play with gnashers… we dont need playlists for this. its a waste of ■■■■■■■ space honestly for more interesting and fun modes like OSOK or hell. even different things like torque bow tag, golden gun etc.


KOTG is an awful game mode. Keep it as a special event where it belongs


The gnashers is what makes Gears, gears imo. Any game you can fire an assault riffle and hold a position. That’s boring. Gears 1 was all about gnashers & longshots. Never saw Lancers unless it was ranked or something competitive. I feel like ppl saying they don’t want more gnasher modes just aren’t that good with it. Don’t know techniques like up a, back a, etc and don’t want to learn because you THINK it’s so difficult when really it isn’t.


I dont see it as that…

I se it like this…people that are rubbish with the gnasher, cry about it. There’s not much else to it tbh.

I mean there’s a reason there’s never been a ‘lancer only’ event…because zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that would be fun huh!

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Fk me…the amount of people on the blob in here.

ITS ONLY A SPECIAL EVENT! you can go and play horde still :man_facepalming:

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Do agree.

Not a playlist I can play all the time granted but now and again it’s great to chill on a stripped back gnasher only mode

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dude gnasher players have been doing the exact strategies for 10 ■■■■■■■ years… its not hard to counter them even with a gnasher… you dont have to wallbounce all over the place for no reason…

You totally missed the point…Same mentality I had as a child in high school. It was people like me that held gears back when it could be so much more. The fact you think just sitting there with an assault rifle is boring means you really dont understand meta game design and balance. I know how to use the gnasher. ive been using it for 10+ years… shut the hell up with such stupid claims of people not knowing how to use it. most of us are not new… cause no new players want to spend 90$ here in canada. to keep purchasing one gun over and over.

i THINK its difficult. Speak for yourself you ignorant person. You dont know what I think or my skill level.

I love gears of war. That means i love the gnasher, the lancer, the snub, the wall bounce etc. the whole game basically. you like the gnasher… I can make claims of you also. you are not a fan of gears of war. you like the gnasher… thats not the same as being a fan of GEARS OF WAR. see i can do this to. its not hard… but speak for yourself… cause idk what you think and dont.

That could be it…but I think people who are “rubbish” with the Gnasher wouldn’t bother playing to begin with. Either this or they run with groups of friends to make it more bearable.


I’m no fan of KOTH or this event but has anyone noticed a better playing game with just the Gnasher in these games? almost like the game has an easier time not having to handle multiple weapons?

might have also been a closer server to me, not sure


Listen, You wanna play an assault riffle dominant game you have so many options! CoD, Battlefield, Apex, Rogue Company, Fortnite. The gnashers make gears and the movement compliments it. Lancers suck!

who said anything about a lancer dominate game… you really suck at this.

Lol ok bro. I’m good either way. I’m enjoying myself love. :kissing_heart:

right. So have nothing intelligent to discuss or debate around the discussion at hand. So you go to posting what is a essentially youtube comment of intelligence. gg.
easy increase to K/D.

Want me to teach you how to use the gnashers ? So you don’t gotta be angry and insult ppl in a forum ? I didn’t come here for issues.