My thoughts after competing Gears 5 (Major Campaign Spoilers)

Ok first off, a little disappointed that there was no achievement for completing the campaign on Hardcore since every other Gears gave that one out. I’d complete the Campaign on Hardcore to save Insane for another playthrough, it is what it is.

Now then, Act 4 and 5 I must say were very good. Unlike many, I actually enjoyed Act 3 to an extent. Act 2 though was horrid, nearly stopped playing altogether had I not been such a huge fan of the series. Really boring and lackluster and the fact that it was only me and Del and so there was tons of failure involved.

I wasn’t a big fan of the big decision. I chose to save JD. Why ? Well I couldn’t put Marcus through anymore fires of Hades and to me you could replace Del, but not JD. I was very sad to see Del go and also was very sad to see Jack go. I will say that the ending with Jack was top notch writing.

I would have preferred had Gears 4 and 5 started with the characters of Act 3 Gears 5. By Act 3, I was loving the characters. I enjoyed how Del was constantly saving Fahz and that was a nice nod when Fahz returned and was like “No need to save me this time Del, I got it. Wait…where’s Del ?”

I mean so much was squandered by not starting the games with this new crew. Was happy to see Paduk and get some resolution with him. Definitely an interesting Gears character. Wasn’t too bummed with the ending. it ended great.

Now for the negatives. We’ve already covered the abysmal Act 2, an area that would make Santa hate snow. My main problem with this game was the many glitches involved in the Campaign. They were annoying and I nearly got trapped in Act 3 at the end. However they weren’t the main problem at all. My main problem is that The Coalition doesn’t seem to know how to balance enemies in the environment. After competing Gears 1-3 on Insane, I can attest that any death was my fault. However Gears 4 and definitely 5 had numerous game overs by cheap deaths. Like throwing too many enemies and grenades at you. Like using Scion Miners with Drop Shots in areas with no room. Or using Pouncers, Carriers, and Flocks when there’s no room to move. The difficulty to me seemed like it was artificial, just like Cod World At War on Veteran difficulty and that’s a bad thing. Another big problem was that I failed the final boss constantly and it wasn’t my fault. The Ai kept getting eaten and it was frustrating.

I’m hoping that in Gears 6, The Coalition learns from their mistakes and moves on. And for Pete’s Sake, stop killing off interesting characters constantly. By Act 3 of this game, I was enjoying the Campaign a lot.


+1 best review I have read this year

But on one note we disagree. To me it makes more sense for JD to die. That way Marcus has truly lost everything and he will go super saiyan to destroy the locust/swarm/queen once and for all.

Marcus’ whole life has been filled with personal tragedy.

Mom goes missing.
Dad is emotionally distant.
Best friend dies.
Dad “dies.”
Nearly died in prison.
Left behind to die in prison.
Tai Kaliso.
Best friend’s wife dies.
Best friend dies.
Dad comes back only to really die.
Wife dies.
Bad relationship with son.


Funny thing is that I’m playing Judgment on Insane right now and I could have sworn that I never finished it as I don’t remember it at all. Looking at the achievements, I completed it on Hardcore back in 2014 and I was dumbfounded. I was arguing with it cause I don’t remember this Karn ? But the date said November 2014. It can’t lie and so I couldn’t stop laughing cause I swore that I gave up halfway out of boredom.

Anyway, holy smoke is Judgment even more unbalanced than 4 and 5. The enemies are ridiculous. Thanks for the good vibes though.

Anyway, idk. After seeing Marcus hug JD it seemed like they shared a great moment. Del to JD was like Dom to Marcus and I agree with everyone else that if Marcus lost JD, Gears 6 would begin with Marcus jumping into a noose. I think that Del will be the canon ending anyway. The Coalition better not back themselves in a corner like Tell Tale did with opting a character to die only to kill off both characters later anyway. The choice was a huge misstep and for story sake, Del would be the one to die.

Marcus needs 1 good thing to happen to him man. I know lifes not fair but give him 1 thing

Also I would like to add

Watched the love of his lifes mother get blown up
Watched numerous friends and Gears he trained in combat die

Also the greatest tragedy of all:

they f’ed his tomatoes up.


On this note I mean its a game about war theres gonna be death everywhere but killing random people holds no weight with the player. The problem is TC kills off these interesting characters too early. They could have easily let Lizzy live for a little while longer to get us more connected to her than we already were. She came on the scene in such a badass way there was no need to kill her 5 minutes later

I havent seen 1 person say the decision was good

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Exactly what I meant. To the extent also of JD and Del. No point in giving us good characters as cannon fodder. Lizzie was great, but don’t forget about Oscar/Uncle too. It is a game about war, but the characters are what make it memorable

My biggest issue (and what seems to be a lot of peoples as well) is the choice. Its not an RPG game. We shouldnt have had to make that choice because whoever TC actually chooses take all the value of the choice away

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I read somewhere that Del’s death is already canon. The final scene makes more sense, JD lost his best friend and started to grow up. Furthermore, I see this as a character development for Gears 6.

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In a Gears of War book, I don’t remember. I’m going to find it.

I doubt it was in a book TC is trying to keep it a secret so I doubt it’s in writing but I could be wrong

I don’t doubt you, I just want to know for sure.

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I dunno. I really hope JD will be in Gears 6, I didn’t like Del and he’s very boring in my opinion.

I wished they didn’t kill Lizzie…

I have read Retrospective and Art of Gears 5 but it didn’t say anywhere.

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There’s no Act 5. Act 3 was red desert on Vasgar and Act 4 was New Ephyra again.

For the ending against Kraken, there’s two stockpile of ammo boxes. It will refill explosive ammo of the Lancer. So you could keep on raining explosives on the Kraken’s mouth, which should take out all the tentacles / tongues. That way, the AI NPC won’t die easily and be freed.

I’m not trying to be an ■■■ hole, but I promise there hasn’t been anything released on it yet, a lot of people speculate that is true, considering JD just has more character development than Del, and that’s kinda what the current arc is heading towards. Especially in the beginning when kait said “you two are more alike than you know” or something like that. Foreshadowing 101

JD from the beginning was designed to be a new Marcus hence using his littoral son to be the new protagonist i wouldn’t be surprised if JD is the playable character again in 6.

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I always found it odd, and have pointed out in the past.

Del on JD’s death: “Come on Kait he was my friend too.
JD on Del’s death: “You goddamned motherfuccers! You killed my friend! You’re gonna pay.”

These are paraphrased of course, but I found it odd that JD seemed much more, caring about Del dying than vice versa.