My theory for future packs of Gears 4

I’ve been thinking about what’s going to happen to Gears 4 when Gears 5 is actually released. I’m thinking that they’re going to have all the packs available to purchase (With Credits) and bring back the holiday ones when the time comes along. They did something similar to this before, right? Do you think that they’ll do it again?

If 5 addresses the biggest problems of 4 who da f cares, it will die a well deserved death, alot of today’s problems in4 are amplified with a small playerbase, 90% of those will jump ship when 5launches, you ain’t gona wana stick around for that shiteshow

I think it was november last year when they released ALL the packs for a week or so, maybe they’ll do it again this year?

Anyway, once Gears 5 is released I couldn’t care less for 4.

Most of the skins will have been made craftable by then so will be available in the current launch packs (Elite, Operations, Horde and Versus). You may have noticed that once skins from a particular pack has been made craftable the packs stop returning in the store (there’s no real point for them to be available separately in their own packs).

Bear in mind GOW5 probably won’t come out until autumn/Fall 2019, and support for GOW4 will in all likelihood have ceased long before then anyway (at least with Gear packs).

We may get some of the more recent uncraftable packs return for a period around November and/or December (cos of Thanks Giving and Christmas), but after GOW5 is released? As I said there’s unlikely to be a need.

I hope they do because I would like to finish my sets.The Console Skins for sure and all the others as well

They will all be recycled for re purchasing on G5

Spend it all over again, re earn everything again.

Same cycle, same themed events, same overpriced packs