My son is under age and can not claim rewards, help please

Hi can anyone help please?, i’ll try an keep it short.
My son is under the age required but plays GOW4 with me, he competes in challengers for the rewards but is unbale to claim any of them as his access is denied.

I’ve spoken to everyone I can and it comes down to his xbox account shows that he is a child and the game is rated 18, is there anyway he can claim these skins/characters etc as he does complete the challengers but sadly unable to claim the reward.

My only option at the moment is to scrap his account, give him mine and make a new account for myself. Problem for me, i’ll will have to start from scratch again, after getting 10 re-ups.

Anyone can help, would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

P.S. I apologise if this post is sent in the wrong section but it is my first time here thanks.

I’m pretty sure there is something you can do in the XB family settings that enable this.

I’m technically on a “child account” (I’ve got no idea how this happened - I’ve been an adult since being on XBL. I think may have accidently set my DOB as being in 2006 when I first got XBL) but I’m able to claim rewards etc.

Thanks for your reply Bleeding Pepper, I’ve tried family setting and even spoke to xbox and Microsoft.
They say it’s because my son’s account was set up as a child an I can not change this once set up.
I’ve been told to contact GOW4 (Microsoft Studios) but i’m unable to find this information.
they say that they can only be the one who might be able to change this but I have no clue how to contact them…
I have asked for my son to have full access from xbox and Microsoft as he plays with me on GOW4, when he completes the challenge it comes up on the xbox. Like the 2X2 Gnasher challenge on now, came up and said you have completed 50 wins an claim your reward but when he tries to claim it on the gears site. It just says he is under age and the access is denied.
Can’t even sign in to the gears site with his account…

Thanks again Bleeding Pepper, I hope someone reads this who has come across this problem as i’m sure there are loads of under age gamers who are able to claim the rewards.
Just not my son…
P.S. your lucky you can claim :slight_smile: