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My soloing ranked days are over already 😥

For the first month of the game I had a pretty good time running solo Guardians and TDM. I got paired with decent teammates and got Masters pretty quickly. But for what seems like the last few weeks has reverted back to the gears 4 ranked days of always having to have a team if you want to even think about winning.

Literally every match I search solo they lop side the teams on me to where I dont even have a chance to win

They read my stats and put the most brain dead people on my team and match us to a group of half decent players. I know this a crying post but the total skill points of the teams in the first month usually ranged from 90 000 to 95,000 skill points meaning it was diamond and master level people in the match.
Now the points are 65,000 to 75,000 and have 19,051 skill points but I get people who are way below on my team and have to go up against people slightly lower than make it almost a back breaking carry to win a round.

Welp Im done crying now I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday’s

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Match making is a crap chute. You play with randoms you are most likely going to lose. If the skill gap was not non existent then that probably would not be too much an issue but where a 2v1 is a major handicap in this ■■■■■■ skin of a gears game, well you Better hope your team is stacked.


Same for me. I got Masters…but the matchmaking since the “fix” has been so bad. I get derpy teammates and have to fight stacks as a solo queue. It’s frustrating.


Playing solo is incredibly aggravating… How is it fair that they enemy team is (the majority of the time) a 5 stack and what teammates do you get? A buncha donuts and potatoes. It feels like some of these players I get matched with have just gotten the game and are still learning… I’m not insane but I’m currently in onyx 2 formerly D1 before getting matched with afks, quitters, and the formerly mentioned people who seem like they are incredibly new to the game. I don’t understand, how does the system go “Okay, this team is a 5 stack… Let’s pair them with 5 solo players, 1 of which is going to quit, another 1 will go afk till the last round, and another 1 who just got the game.”

Makes a whole bunch of sense…


Still love the fact of this community uses the potato reference

At least you can find games :rofl:

I’m in the EU and can’t even find a game if one of my USA friends aren’t online.

When they are online, I experience the same joys as you

I’m not sure I’d call it joy more like excruciating anger…

Indeed. I’ve failed in my sarcasm quest it seems :unamused:

Oh no I got the sarcasm I’m just in denial about the joy part haha

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P.S. Those 2 guys at the bottom were not AFK… :point_right::expressionless:


Splitscreeners. Of course.

Their ping is good, they weren’t afk, and they still managed to contribute nothing? Wow.

Why do these people choose ranked? I don’t get it.

How many points did you lose for that? :rofl:

Because they’re selfish players who don’t care about how they’ll affect their teammates.

They’d rather you lost ranking than them spending time in quickplay to learn how to play the game first :roll_eyes:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You should have to win X amount of quickplay matches and get X amount of kills (and/or MVPs) before you’re allowed in ranked.


Here is a Tip for everyone. If playing Solo YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR FFA. That’s the only way to solo queue. Playing ranked you need to have a stack or at least 1-3 friends.

I lose more points with squads tbh. I dunno why but I usually end up dropping a bunch if we lose and then making it up when I solo.

Solo is more frustrating to play tho.

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