My solidier cards for horde

Hello everyone,

i decide to share with you my sodier cards for horde because i see too much soldiers playing only grenades, this is so useless…

Im reup 16, my favorite modes are KOTH (ony2), guardian and horde mode.

(all my cards are levels6)
1.lancer damage card( lancer, retro, kaomax) reload card (VERY IMPORTANT CARD!!!)
3.grenades damage card
4.+8 grenades card
5.the purple card for grenades, you have +1 grenade every 15 sec.

you can’t imagine how much damage you can do with the lancer or retro with the ACTIVE RELOAD card!

Too much players put their grenades on the ground and use a dropshot after…please no!! let the dropshot for the heavy.
throw grenades on enemies instead of puting them on the ground, Use the lancer or retro,
This is the best way to play soldier class i think. You can be very often mvp of the wave with this cards…
I very often switch between using lancer and grenades.

Thanks for reading me, tell me what you think and try it!

When I play Horde normally as a Soldier (i.e.: not a speedrun) then this is the kind of balance I go for.

Also as a little note, the Active Reload buff affects all weapons - not just Rifles so it’s not crazy for the Soldier to use weapons like the Dropshot. However the Soldier obviously doesn’t get the Heavy’s Explosive Damage buff. Plus the Dropshot does insta-kill headshots on normal enemies and takes out Sentinels easily. Obviously Heavies should get first dibs on Dropshots, but all players regardless of class benefit from Dropshots just cos of the Sentinel factor.

I tend to favour the Hammerburst personally. It’s very precise and if I’m going for a mixed build I don’t have space for the Rifle Accuracy card so the HB has the best balance of power and accuracy over mid-long distances.

Aside from that I’d swap Cover Damage over Resupply or Grenade Capacity. On harder difficulties the extra defence helps.

People just use builds they like - if someone is only using Grenade cards as a Soldier why should they not? Also, if you’ve ever used a Dropshot with the active reload boost you know it’s almost as deadly as that of a Heavy(and seems very good at taking down Guardian shields, as I usually go with active boost if I do a grenade build on Soldier).

Besides, this hybrid build of yours seems interesting but not very practical. If anything I go with the specific rifle cards(Rifle Damage and Accuracy + Active Boost) and Cover Boost + Resupply.

For grenades I usually go with Capacity, Resupply, Grenade Damage, and depending on the map, Cover Boost or Grenade Plants, and Active Boost, or Hammer if I really feel like it. I usually don’t use plants after I realized throwing grenades at enemies(especially shocks) is much more effective on 90% of maps with the plants often just getting set off by Juvies or Trackers.

thanks for the answers!!

First of, i didnt know that active reload work for all weapons, you learn me something lol…but i still think if you want to use dropshot use the heavy, like the embar is for the sniper, so the lancer is for the soldier!! The hammerbust is good weapon i agree, but retrolancer is much more effective i thing, its just my opinion…

I aggre the cover card is good for harder difficulty like incon. , i dont use it for insane.

Another problem with the chok grenades for me i think is for the scout, when you run to seach the energy, runnig into them is annoying, you can run anymore.

I don’t see anything wrong with an all-grenade build soldier, they’re very powerful and a great compliment on a well-balanced team. I prefer to go rifleman usually.
Assault Rifle Damage
Instant Reload Boost
AR Mag Capacity
Cover Boost
Grenade Damage Boost
Nothing wrong with a Soldier picking up a DropShot as others have said, there’s plenty of them in game to go around, I never pick up the first I mark it for the heavy, but I grab the one usually for boss waves, otherwise I run double AR’s. I noticed you don’t have Cover Boost on your loadout. If I’m playing Insane or Incon and I find out our soldier doesn’t have Cover Boost equipped he’s usually close to useless. You go down too quick and require too many revives.

I hardly play Horde now, but my Soldier was always a nade load out. All cards maxed out obviously.

The issue is that the assault rifle cards don’t do enough damage on high difficulties like insane and inconceivable (especially inconceivable). I understand why people usually go full grenade cards for those difficulties because I tried using rifle cards on those and once they get the health boost then my guns are almost like pea shooters.

I found a Rifle Soldier on Insane can still work pretty well under the right circumstances, but you need to be able to reliably hit headshots with your rifles on enemies if you don’t want to be using way too much ammo. Meaning that the accuracy card is somewhat mandatory. I would not recommend playing Rifle Soldier on Inconceivable, you’ll be next to useless if you want anything killed quickly. I have played one myself on Inconceivable on The Slab once and while it did work out alright, I was burning through ammo like there was no tomorrow for almost any enemy. Grenades are more effective(in fact, Incendiary Grenades against a Guardian does full damage if you hit them directly even when their shield is up and it takes three of them to kill one).

And Cover Boost really is something very useful on Insane and Inconceivable, I can only recommend it for anyone trying any Soldier build on those difficulties, especially if you want to use rifles - otherwise, you’re going to be way too squishy of a target because of prolonged exposure required to accurately fire rifles at the enemies, Plus, 75% damage reduction can prevent one shot downs from Salvo rockets even after wave 40 on Inconceivable, speaking from experience(not sure about Deadeyes but you might survive a shot from them at 2x damage). But anything after that will put you to the ground so don’t be overconfident.

To add, once I get shocks, the damage is amazing.

That’s true too, Especially if there’s a Sniper on your team who has Called Shot. Add Radar Ping to that and Shocks become a very lethal area denial weapon. Reminds me of a match where I was a soldier using Shocks for the most part on The Slab(Inconceivable) where a Sniper pinged enemies very often and I’d get lots of cluster kills on enemies very quickly regardless of wave,

We used to do speedruns on Apex with 3 soldiers planting frags. One would sacrifice extra damage or siphon to equip hammer to use on boss waves.; Sniper was at the box and the scout ran for power. That’s all we ever needed to clear an inconceivable ironman run right at an hour.

Similar setup for war machine so the all grenade loadout has its uses.

I know that’s why I don’t use soldier on harder difficulties because most of their cards are not good enough (with the exception of the grenade cards, hammer, active reload boost and cover boost). The only time I use soldier is if I’m going full grenadier or speed running with friends or randoms that ask me to do it with them.