My second campaign playthrough had so many bugs

On my first playthrough, the only bugs I really had were the collectibles not tracking. Even after they patched it, they would appear and disappear in the collectibles menu at random. Then after completing the game on Intermediate, my campaign stats showed I only completed the game on beginner.

I started a second playthrough to get the rest of the collectibles and to fully upgrade Jack, and the game REALLY started bugging out on me.

First, in a section where I needed Jack to light the way, he was stuck in the environment and would not move.

Second, I got to a door I needed Jack to open and he just refused to open it. I had to restart the checkpoint to get him to open it.

Third when I was in the Vasgar desert on the skiff, the game just stopped right in the middle of the desert and loaded for at least 3 full minutes.

Fourth, on the rocket tower, fighting the Kraken when you had to shoot the openings on its tentacles, I waited 5 minutes and they never opened. Again I had to reload the checkpoint.

Worst of all, all of the components that I picked up on my first playthrough were missing for Act III Chapter 3. This left me without enough components to upgrade Jack all the way. I had replayed the game for about 7 hours just to fully upgrade Jack, and now that was all for naught. I started this playthrough as a new game too, I didn’t load a level. Luckily I did go back and load a level from my previous save, and I was only 6 components away from completely upgrading Jack, and was able to do it in about 10 minutes.

I can’t recall a AAA first Party game this bugged in recent memory.