My Scrap keeps disappearing

It seem like my Scrap keeps disappearing but I haven’t used it to craft any items anyone else having this issue?


I just searched for this question and found your thread. I’m also experiencing this … not sure what the deal is.


Happened again today. I was saving my scrap for an epic skin. Went from 535 to 375. This has happened to me three times. No i was not playing escape, just pumpkinhead dodgeball. I’m hardcore gears but this is getting ridiculous.


Had over 2800 saved up and logged in the next day only to see it dropped down to 300. Still hasn’t changed so I stopped playing. Haven’t been able to find any info if they realize about this bug.

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I think it could be from updating Skill cards for horde or escape.

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Exactly. They kept upgrading without paying attention is the most likely answer. A query on the account and how upgrades were obtained should be a quick check.