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Is anyone else experiencing this problem? The tracker for the new MS studio skins is tracking Versus games but not horde games, I’ve done around 60 waves of horde roughly since the release of this but it’s not tracking anything, I’ve looked up a few thread and people talk about tracking it on console but I’m on pc so that’s not a option for me saddly.



It’s turned on otherwise it wouldn’t be tracking versus also :slight_smile:

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That’s true…maybe it only tracks by 100 rounds which would show you at 50%…if not its broken like everything else…

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Best advice I can say, is just do 200 waves and after see if you can claim the skin on the site. since it’s tracking for versus then it’s probably just a visual glitch for horde challenge


I can’t see the progress anywhere.

I heard people say they’re tracking it via the Xbox app, but I don’t see any achievement listed for Studios Horde challenge?

Where are people tracking it?


If you go on the article for the XP boost and rewards on Gears Official site - there is a link to track it via “My Rewards”

Yeah, this?

That’s the one that isn’t updating :confused:

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Which part isn’t?

Are both the horde and matches not updating?

It’s got my progress ok?

I haven’t played any versus yet… But the Horde one definitely isn’t updating at all

What kind of horde are you playing?

I think it’s Normal difficulty and upwards :+1:

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Insane > Inconceivable. I’ve done at least 150 waves now…

Oh wow!

Hopefully it will get updated :see_no_evil:

Just a visual bug on the challenge page , people said they were still able to claim the skin despite progress not showing up on the tracker.

Also if you using console tracker and showss it’s progressing then you definitely got nothing to worry about.


Yeah, I’m 100 waves in last night, and the tracker is saying ZERO. It’s not tacking.

I think the horde description needs updating too… Only my public horde waves have been tracked in the achievement tracker (xbox achievements), none of my private match waves have counted.

Just an FYI for anyone else.


Yeah, they should have been clearer as to what counts :sob:

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Exact same problem as @HUG3_N3WB. Xbox app doesn’t show achievements at all (on PC or phone), but my Xbox friend says the achievements are progressing on my account from his POV.

Website doesn’t show any progress, though I have only played horde and not ranked yet.

Pls fix TC


I tried public horde (25 waves of horde mania) still not showing anything.

Pro tip @hahalolwut, use the Copy button when taking a screenshot with lightshot instead of uploading it to the cloud. Then you can just Paste the screenshot here with normal Ctrl+V. Nicer to have the image embedded than linking to some website that loads super slow.