My rewards page not working

after finishing 20 waves of horde went to my rewards page only to find out its not regestering

Yeh same here it says the page can’t be found.

There is a type error on the other link, this is the correct one:

That page ain’t tracking my progress, still 0/200 Waves.
I’m actually 98% to 99% now on console tracker.

Edit: So when I’ve got 100% on console, I could still claim on that page even though says 0/200.

Same here just did 50 waves, still 0/200 , Telemetry service’s set on auto.

its working fine for me im at 10/20 for the Vs matches played

I have the same problem with both (Versus and Horde) I played around 6 or 7 ranked matches and did 50 waves of horde. Still have 0% progress on both bars and same 0% progress on the console.

For the horde part, my friends and I played to get the “Your the support son” achievement (Which tells you to complete the horde with just soldiers and spend nothing of energy from the fabricator) and only two of my friends got it. The rest of us, didn’t unlocked it. Why? What the is going on with this game? It’s really stressfull went the things aren’t working correctly.

Was playing with a friend a few hours ago and mid game she got the achievement, even though before we started it was still 0/200.

Apparently it’s just a visual glitch.

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