My Rewards page down?

I can’t access the page on my phone or xbox. Or am I using an outdated link?

It’s down. Goes down a lot but always comes back, This whole forum was down for several hours last night on into this morning. Check back later and I’m sure the rewards page will be back up soon.

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I have to wonder how a stats page can even go down at all

thanks, good 2 know

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I can’t access anything but the forums right now. Been like that for a few hours now

Thunderstorms took down the servers, we got lucky that the forums servers were in another part of the datacenter.

what about the game servers? never ending thuderstorm? i’m not joking either. this is a legit question.

see i’ve had a volcano erruption on my island that lasted a couple months, soon after we had a hurricane which brought biblical floods here too. and suprisingly all of my internet electronics work except for my gears MP. lack of a better term i feel it’s missing fluid movement and slap the back of a bald mans head crispiness, so clean, you can feel the regiester! so just curious on an ETA on a better online experience

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Yes the main site was offline, the forums were still up, but Xbox Live seemed to be having issues too.

xbox live you say? what was it they are experiencing?

Appeared to be issues not being able to matchmake and find games just in general. Wasn’t on last night so only hearsay. Of course this week happens to be Dodgeball XPx4 and I don’t have much time to be to play this week heh.

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thanks for the update bro!!! :+1::+1:

Because stats uses data from matchmaking perhaps? So if matchmaking was down then so would stats

I played a solo Horde match whilst things were ‘twitchy’ and I was pinging just under 300!
Shoot Gnasher, roll away, turn back and watch the kill :smile:
And the Dropshot was a case of having to guess how long to hold the trigger down, if you watched its’ trail to gauge when to release the trigger it overshot the target by a LONG way!

I still can’t see either the rewards nor the stats page, anyone else?

Its still down it seems. But TC are looking into it.

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Appreciate the heads up :wink:

Are my RUBY kills still being counted?

Yes they will be counted on the back end… Seems everything is back up and running… Thanks TC…

Will be closing this now since the issue has been resolved.