My rewards error

Anyone having issues with

This is from * Earn MS Studio Skins: Take on 2 new challenges to earn Animated Microsoft Studios weapon skins! Once completed, claim the skins at



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The web page isn’t working for me but when checking in-game on Xbox, the Horde Achievement is already counting for 200 Waves.

Thanks for the update. Is the challenge for 200 waves of horde for the skins?

They made a mistake in the link. The correct link is:

Note how they missed the en-us part in their post.


Although I will say, it should redirect you to your default language if you don’t include one. This has been an issue with the website for some time.


Thank you very much!

My progress hasn’t counted on that web page, but only on console towards challenge.
What gives?
Is all this meant to be Public, not Private?

I see 6 weapons for Horde and 6 weapons for Versus in the pictures for both challenges… missing are the Lancer and Snub, I wonder if they will be available as well or via other means.

Yeah I know there was something you could get by tuning into the E3 stream. Pretty sure it was one of the skins. Hopefully that wasn’t the only way to earn the skin.

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So your in-game challenge (achievement tracker) is working? Just completed 10 waves as a test and mine never moved up.

In-game, yes.
Looking at Achievement section on my Xbox console, 93% done.
But on the web page, it hasn’t move one bit.
Still 0/200 on page.


@Ektope Thanks for the info. Mine never moved up in-game or on the achievements inside the GoW4 game hub. Guess I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if it fixes itself.

Same here, on the website the tracker hasn’t moved. I did 18 waves of mania on PC just now. But checking on my xbox it does actually say I’m at 9% completion for the horde challenge. So it’s either broken or really slow.

It appears to be a problem with the website

Just unlocked the challenge for 200 waves… my rewards page still shows that I have 0% progress towards the challenge but I was able to claim the reward and the 6 skins are already in my inventory.


I can also confirm that this challenge works fine. It seems that the Gears sites’ reward tracker has a visual glitch in that the number doesn’t update. My achievements tab on my XB tracked it fine, the challenge popped when I completed it. When I went to the rewards page to claim the reward, although it still said 0/200 waves completed, the “claim reward” button was active, it worked and the skin are now in my account.


The web page isn’t working for me but when checking in-game on Xbox, the Horde Achievement is already counting for 200 Waves. Fix it please…

My rewards isn’t tracking mine at all. Neither is my xbox app on my pc. I don’t even see any achievements available to track it. It worked for aaron griffin before tho

Thanks. They need to fix that other URL.