My return to Horde, after the Baird Barriers thing

Last night i returned to Gears 5 Horde, and went straight to the game finder, i considered going directly to Custom, but decided to try normal mode first.
Just me and someone playing Batista, the A.I. was there awesome self and we wiped at the Boss wave because the A.I. got stuck on the Fabricator yelling “I am coming”. Yeah, he was cummin alright, the time he took to move, he might as well have been pulling on his pudding.
So, i tried Custom, and was immediately hit with the same problem as before, not knowing who is on the game, when it started and where they were at. I do not play with other Engineers, so i avoid these games and people, the competition for building is simply not worth it. Half an hour i spent going in and out of games because of above problems. And, yeah, they are problems. I do hope in the future, Gears 6 Horde, this will improve search for game sin Custom no end.
I got bored trying to find a game, and ended up leaving the game completely.
I have been on a break from Gears 5 Horde since the end of December to the beginning of January because i was so sick to death of people taking the piss out of the barrier thing with Baird, i hate going in to a game and some clever sod is building loads of barriers, making a mess, and wasting Energy, not to mention giving Baird a bad name. I just simply hated it. I got enough problems with this game and the Engineering thing, bashing my favourite character was just too much. I needed a break.
And now, i feel as i need another one. The game has not changed, Op 3 has done nothing to improve the game for me, or anyone who respects the Engineer (extra points to those who prefer Baird, of course).
I will return though, not ready to give up on this game just yet. Better luck next time, eh.

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If all you wanna play is engineer why dont you just host your own lobby???

Also Ive been using the lobby browser and get jump into a lot of games that dont have an engineer

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You will have to be very lucky to find good teammates in public matchmaking, custom is the way to go unless you want to play frenzy. While you can join a lobby as an engineer I often find it hard to deduce what, if any, plans the host has for the base, so if you want to play engineer I strongly recommend you start your own lobby.

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I don’t mean to sound like I’m moaning at you or anything, but as others have said, there are some fairly straight forward solutions to these issues that you often complain about.

Start your own lobby so you have more control over what happens during the game.

Build up your social contacts, add friends and play with them in private lobbies instead.

Use mics to communicate and negotiate with others. This is admittedly harder in social or through the lobbies page, but when playing with people from your friends list, it works a treat.

The majority of the issues you often complain about are rooted in lack of communication and people wanting to do things their way. Horde is a team game and it helps massively if treated as such, and it’s much more rewarding.

I personally don’t play using the social matchmaking function. I very occasionally play by joining someone else’s private lobby in the lobbies page, but the majority of the time I play with people on my friends list and it’s just a much nicer and more enjoyable experience.

My problem last night was constantly joining matches that had no engineer. We ended up dying every time since we had no barriers protecting the Lahnis and low level Claytons.

Typical, init. I try to find a game with no Engineers, and i end up finding all the games with Engineers. And, you lot are exact opposites. My luck with this game is so offensive.
I sometimes create a private game and see how far i can get, because to be honest, i have made a game in the past on Social Custom and no one joined. But, i will admit, it was the once.

And, for clarity, i think mostly this Post was about lack of chances, and not my inability to find a game. But i do suppose they are the same thing.
Definately give the game a chance, even with all its problems, it is somewhere along the lines, worth playing.
Thank you all for the replies. More of a vent, than advice gathering, i however got the best of both worlds here.
Happy Gaming, all.

Genuinely, I was surprised by the quality of player found in custom lobbies. These guys are the real Horde players and are not there to mess around… for the most part.

I have exclusively searched custom lobbies since discovering the difference in player quality.