My reason for being happy that Black Phantom skins weren't added

I know this was a hot topic and I know a lot disagree with me, but seeing how people are still discussing it I just wanted to share my thoughts. I avoided making a post early on because I wanted to avoid having anyone start a big argument on what could and should be a proper discussion post.

To start, I have the skins and I hardly ever use them. I think they look very cool but I prefer using a different set.

I don’t care about keeping a specific design from other players and I understand why people want this. The “issue” isn’t the skin itself and I wish people understood that.

Gears 3 had a great unlock system and a lot of things took a lot of effort / grind. Think about the Golden Hunter character unlock as an example.

2000 kills with Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro, Sawed off, Gnasher. That took quite a bit of time, I’m not interested that that specific challenge unlocked Golden Hunter but the fact that it did, should have kept that character unique to that way of unlocking, that’s what gave it it’s meaning and not everyone had it which made it feel more valuable. Imagine if Gears 3 had a store where you could simply purchase Golden Hunter, it’d mean that you’d see many more of them and nobody would know how it was obtained, in turn removing it’s value.

Gears 3’s challenges were often very long or quite difficult, unlocks linked to them were usually somewhat rare to see and very satisfying for players to unlock and show off.

Gears 4 and 5 have both massively missed the mark on challenges and the Black Phantom skins were the first proper challenge to be added to Gears 4, they were INTENDED to be rewards for Gears 5. Other than that we had nothing to work towards and nothing to have that was unique.

Gears 5 has the Tour of Duty, with the exception of the very recent addition of Heroic unlocks, we’ve not had anything to grind for that had 1 unique unlock path, all of the content was earnable either through the Tour of Duty which is nothing more than a bundle of mundane tasks, or the store (which is much better than it used to be) that has a very easy to earn currency. There’s been nothing at all that stands out as “hard to earn rewards”.

I’m not knocking or even judging any of those skins, but I feel like you can just go on Gears each day, get a few kills with different weapons, get currency from it and buy skins. Let’s take the Ascii Legacy Skin Set as a random example, imagine how much more value that set would have if you had to beat the campaign solo Inconceivable (example), but no, it has no meaning to it because it’s so easy to obtain.

So, seeing the Black Phantom skins being a talking point for almost being in the store, in my opinion we need MORE things like Black Phantom that people need to earn by doing ONE specific task (like the Heroic skins), so that they have meaning and value.

Our community has become so self entitled that it doesn’t realise that it’s ruining everything for itself. The same people who complain to TC that there’s nothing to work for also don’t want to work for anything. People always want an easier route to obtain something, in turn it makes the “real” route meaningless.

I have seen quite a lot of people complain that it was a timed exclusive challenge and they missed it due to having “real life commitments”, okay? I had a lot during that time too but I knew I wanted this to I made time. If you didn’t then you missed out and people need to accept that fact. People are behaving like they only had 45 minutes to complete the tasks… when actually most of the “hardest” parts of the task were things that most people had already completed during the game’s lifespan anyway, if you didn’t have those basic things done in an entire game’s lifespan then you’re probably not overly interested in Gears anyway - I know I’ll get that 1 guy say “what if they bought the game later into it’s lifespan?”, my reply to that is… well that’s a you problem, it was on game pass the entire time so you can’t have had much interest in it, those who were interested in it should have a reward.

If TC make a Gears 6 then 100% there would be no issue at all in Black Phantom being in that game, it was a reward to take into Gears 5, not Gears 6.


Gears 6 just needs a Gears 3 style unlock system.


IF Gears 6 happens, I agree. I have missed it.

The thing with that though, there would NEED to be GOOD content available at launch that’s locked away behind proper challenges.

I think the way they add content has made it difficult for themselves too.

I believe they can come up with some decent content to have locked away. The challenges they’ve put up before and during gears 5 didn’t have bad rewards and besides they’ve come up with an amazing line of skins for characters/weapons since launch they can use for said challenges.

But I feel like without a doubt Gears 6 is happening. MS/Phil Spencer or xbox I should say, still have faith in the franchise for at least 1 or 2 more games otherwise Tactics wouldn’t have been greenlit and there’s that unannounced project TC is apparently working on.

Whether its gears 6 or not, who knows.

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I thought the general consensus agreed that all of the Gears games should have this unlock system?

Gears 3? Apparently TC didn’t get the message

I just hope there won’t be people complaining there won’t be people complaining “Why do I have to grind PvE for the Venom skins?”. While that might seem selfish, those modes haven’t had anything decent to work towards, not counting the Escape leaderboard weapon skin rewards that were removed(and were “timed exclusives” at that), and the leaderboards were bugged at launch and sometimes even in Op 2, so I missed some through no fault of my own, not to mention those skins were either a reskin of the Windflare store weapon set, or not very great and that diminishing player numbers meant it became difficult to land a top 1% spot even if you beat Master difficulty as it was. I think PvE players should have something just like the Versus players have Master rank skins that aren’t obtainable anywhere else. If someone wants them and isn’t a PvE player, well… there is ways to get them without having to level any skill cards at all.

Oh, and that they don’t show up to buy for coins.

Feel free to disagree with any of what I said, but I think if someone really wants something they should do the work for it. I want those skins mainly in case I end up liking them even though it means having to level up classes I am not particularly interested in, and the awful promotionals.


One thing I missed about gears 3 is that they had “purchased” version of the exclusive skins.

For example, there were two versions of savage Kantus in the game. The original and respected version which was obtained through one of the pre order bonuses and of course the red version was available as a DLC purchase

Seriously, epic games knew what they were doing!

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Well said. I’ve said multiple times that all newer titles can’t even hold a dim candle to Gears of War 3’s medal progression and content unlocks. That game absolutely perfected it.

The majority of this generation just don’t like to put in the effort these days in general.

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That’s not selfish, that’s exactly what I’m trying to highlight.

I don’t play PvE, I think those skins look brilliant but I also know I will never get them and I’m fine with that because I don’t deserve them. The players who do deserve them, who do play that intended part of the game… they deserve them and they should be the only people to ever get those rewards.

The problem? Most of the community no longer look at it that way. They want alternative ways to obtain things just because they don’t want to play that area of the game.

I don’t want to stray too far off Gears but it’s relevant to the topic. Look at Destiny, people did nothing but complain about Raid rewards and how they didn’t want to do the Raids but still expected to have those high level rewards from doing activities that they enjoy. No! I hate the gaming community in that sense, if a player doesn’t want to complete X task then fine, don’t complete it… but if you don’t complete it then you don’t deserve the reward that comes with it!

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The problem is like we are 2020, you don’t make profit anymore to do a content as gears 3 even if it was great, that’s life, they need to make money.

What they can do this is add a kind of unlock system as gears 3 and keep going on with weekly store but in reality, it’s already here with the ranked skin,the Reu-up reward, and now the pve classes with their venom skin.

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After of course the skin from the campaign could have been unlock via « finish the campaign in insane » and ect ect

But they choose the option to put it in the tour of duty.

It was a mistake ? Probably

Can you blame them as a company ?? No, I guess the goal was to make people stayed due of the constant changement and skin been vault. Was a big fail but they try it, they won’t do the same mistake anymore.

Okay but they instead didn’t give us any new skins lol. Hilarious. Taketh away. You now shall receive NOTHING.

Also Gears 6 needs a war journal.

Don’t know why they decided to remove this key feature out of Gears 5.


For those that want it today, then The Coalition should put in another challenge to get it.

The Coalition said it was an exclusive, and it should stay as such, bringing out for free was a wrong decision, however, what about people such as myself that will not, or even can not do certain challenges… In any case, i agree with the u turn. Exclusive mean exclusive.

Another challenge is the answer. Work for it.

Gears 6 needs, and yes, it has been already mentioned, needs an unlock system. Sort of like in Halo Reach, the original, not 343’s version.

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If TC does put skins behind requirements like ‘Insane Campaign Completion’, then I guess SOME people are going to CHEAT with game trainers(Infinite ammo, Infinite health and etc.) on Steam version rather than try hard to earn them in a legit way.
If so, then TC really needs to put much more effort into campaign Anti-Cheat than using a simple EAC which is easy to bypass. Cheaters not only devalue the accomplishments but also s##t on hardworking players.
There are already people cheating to beat Master Chief Collection’s legendary difficulty on Steam.


as usual, there’s no middle ground between silly easy coin unlock, iron purchases, pass and whatever madness they always come up with

exclusive items should not exist, everything should be accessible in tiers and unlocks should live and die within the current title, bringing stuff over whatever the reason or the grind is bad practice, also a desperate attempt to keep a customer/player tied to the game

I by no mean want / intend to support any claim for those legacy skins, I didn’t grind gears4 nor I intend to do it now/ever
still the idea to tie something stupid like a skin set to a previous title challenge is bad practice and is able to piss both parties whenever the subject comes up
literally a gears5 only player can’t have a transparent black weapon set otherwise they’d summon a horde of angry grinders
we have hundreds of low effort skins that nobody uses but no ‘cool’ ones

this is a problem we had in the past, judgment was horrifying from this point of view, a few skins became available only through scalpers soon after launch because different stores had different characters unlock at launch

we should only have:

  • gold coin for standard unlock by playing stuff and older TOD items
  • in game currency, in our case iron for stuff that should stay there, rotate weekly or whenever they feel like and NEVER change currency tier
  • real money only to buy the in-game currency, not even bundles

I think iron has no meaning in this game after the latest changes, gold coins are more than enough with a decent amount of hours played and the fact that one needs separate currency, in this case real life money, to buy bundles and other stuff is mind blowing
I’m personally sitting on more than 5k iron which is 50€ worth of money and I can’t use if not by wasting on stuff that would never top the amount of gold coins I’m also sitting on

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Ah yes, the respected and immensely difficult task of pre-ordering a game. OP is talking about skins being exclusive to in game accomplishments and not through store purchase.

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Broadly speaking, I agree.

There may be something to be said about grindy ahievements and unlocks, but that’s a slightly different matter.

If people don’t play the game, then they don’t deserve to get X, Y or Z. I get that people are often busy - jobs, family, other responsibilities etc, and some people have less leisure time than others but thats how it goes.

I think part of the problem is the Operation / games as live service issue where things are time limited. It puts pressure on people and I think this is why it’s important that developers are sensible with setting challenges etc.

Ultimately I find it weird how people just want everything quick and convenient - I personally want some gameplay with my game, not less. If these rewards mean so much then people need to make the effort. If the desire for the reward doesn’t exceed the effort required then, well, we know that in the eyes of that person the reward isn’t worth it and that’s up to them.

Yes I agree, loved seeing that in Gears 2.

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