My ranking problem

I know that this is probably over said, but the ranking system is not that good in my opinion. I’m a long time Gears fan! I love the story of the games, books, and comics! I would say I am somewhat competitive. In 4 and now 5 I am usually in Onyx!

But the problem is, it takes a long time to get to Onyx from Gold 3. Even if I’m doing great and I get an MVP It still take a long time to move up/through Onyx. And while in Onyx 1, (no matter where I am in Onyx 1) if I have one bad game or if the teams are really unbalanced I will automatically be put back in Gold 3.

I know it’s all broken and it’s being worked on so I shouldn’t care as much as I do, but it still just bothers me no matter how hard I try to let it go. Sometimes I’ll just get to Onyx and not play on that mode anymore because I don’t want to lose all my hard work. It’s like an hour of work, just to get it undone by a 15 min match.

I apologize for ranting, and I really respect and appreciate TC and all the fans! I hope everyone is staying safe and I hope this matter is fixed soon! Because I really want Gears 5 to shine! Have fun slicing and ripping each other apart! <3