my rank percentage does not go up on King of the Hill

Because my percentage of rank does not rise in King of the hill when I win, but if it goes down when I lose, TC COALITION solve that, they do not want to play this game badly done

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You should post your concerns/feedback on the ranking system in the main ranking system discussion and feedback thread as TC can look into people’s thoughts all in one place.

I’d recommend posting there as Octus also responds to people’s post and he can better explain why percentage does not increase but also decreases.

I did come across a response from Octus about koth specifically, just probably not able to dig it up now. But to put it briefly, koth has the most skilled players playing and so progressing will be difficult than in compared to other modes. Again, just post in that thread and Octus will reply to you eventually.

Yes, please…

Any discussion about the Ranking System please post in the link provided above. This allows TC to keep the topic discussion in one location. I will merge your post on that thread.

Thank you.

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