My rank % isn’t updating

I’ve played at least 5 games and checked after each one but I’m still at about 23%. I wish I could just see how much I went up or down

I just wish when I beat 2 or more diamond players mine would go up more than 9% halfway through 03.

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My Having same issues beating higher ranks in solo q escalation with least time dead most downs and winning 7-0 7-3/4 and my csr froze lost to a stack of onyx 3 with 64 time dead only player above 6 kills and higher downs on team cos we had a sliver and low golds not even one onyx player I lost 2 percent but didn’t get any increase four 3 wins before that I’ve beaten diamond 4 and 3 players with onyx 2/3 on their team stacked before once or twice it’s frustrating as when you’re getting 2 or 3 dead at b or e you’ll still lose round cos your team keeps over extending 3 stacking the opposing teams home on early respwan round so they all die so means if wanna win have to have mid double digit time dead playing like it’s a game battle or scrim just to compensate for the mis matching in rank and mechanical skill