My problems with gears 5

Why did you switch the Lancer and Shotgun around on the D-Pad buttons. Shotgun has always been LEFT, and Lancer RIGHT. OK, you let us select to change around, but it ALWAYS switches back to this pointless new way… PLEASE LET ME LOCK IT TO THE OLD WAY.

Audio Keeps cutting out, glitching. Servers are needing much improvement. And please, get rid of the slow wait in between games jesus. Everything is so much slower, except the actual gameplay. Which is faster movement.

My controller spins my character around randomly sometimes. Seems to of fixed now.

Frags were changed to small steel footballs for no good reason…

Chainsaw was changed to RB from B for no reason, double melee would still work.

Sniper reticle ruined for no reason

Hardly any character skins on launch

No original maps on Launch (Fuel Depot, Canals, War Machine, Clocktower, Gridlock)

No inclusion of Subway, Garden, Mausoleum, Escalation maps for no reason, MANSION or ROOFTOPS. All GREAT MAPS.

No Hammer of Dawn (again…)

Stupidly slow loading screens and very long waiting lobbies (for no reason) 5 to 10mins loooool.

Servers crashing (probs just cause launch)

Active reload slightly changed (for no reason)

There are soo many minor things changed just for the sake of it. You’ve got a hell of a lot of updates to do to get the to where it needs to be.



Rest are Rubbish in GOW5… sorry…

We need…

Fuel Depot
Rooftops (with Hammer of Dawn)
War Machine
Tyro Station


Now this, would be GOTT Contender.

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The new maps will only come out until three months from now in December.

Every Tour of Duty is three months and I believe it will always coincide with new maps. Unless they bring out the private match maps from Gears 4 into rotation in the coming weeks.

So for all the maps and content people want, it will be December then March then June 2020 and so on. Say three or so maps per new ToD/dlc. Nope, not happening.

We are never getting ALL the content we want. This game was never designed for that much content in mind, which is very strange since the unlock/store system calls for very heavy content.

Don’t you understand? the Lancer is the New Meta Utility gO gO WhooSH WhooSH VrooM ZooM Shooty Shoot Shoot Kill em Fast Gun. Don’t you want to camp your box cover and spray Anon?

We are all playing four days before the actual release date. I can understand your frustration, yet I’ve been enjoying G5 alot more now even the longshot crosshair isnt a problem.

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Revel in your oblivious Apologism

Community during Gears 4- " OMG really TC all these remakes. How unoriginal, how lazy. I can’t believe you made so many remake"

Community during Gears 5 - "OMG TC 7 maps. Thats it. ALL original and no remakes?? Why didnt you make (insert previous Gears map here)???

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You’re a complete Lost Cause APOLOGIST Freak Show. This game is 500,000% dead. No games online. Horrible Netcode. Horrible Gamemodes. Horrible Dev company. Horrible Transactional practices.

How many more Coalition Cxcks do you have in your mouth?

Really this game is dead?? I have no trouble finding VS matches, horde or Escape. And people wonder why they say this community is toxic. People like you make me laugh

You are right

To me, what i didn’t like where the maps like forge blitz and lift apex. they were just fillers.

but remakes like security, clocktower, and drydock were welcomed from what i could tell.

i have heard that TC says that the community did not like any old map, that we didn’t value them remaking any map - like forge blitz or even checkout.

So they just went ahead and did what they wanted lol. Can’t blame them.

I just wish it was 7 new maps plus 3 remakes. Some tweaks to the current 7 new maps would be great too, they are all so campy.

I dunno about the community not liking old maps. Theres plenty of threads asking for them. I think its more of what maps they decided to remake. Like drydock, rust lung, and the Gears 4 reskins.

I also think that TC pushing out 2 maps a month was part of the problem

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Yeah, and now they are saying that it’s 50-50 in the community between bringing the gears 4 maps into rotation or not.

I just don’t understand.

From what i’ve heard, apparently TC pointed out to the community not appreciating Jacinto in Gears 3 - yes, even if that was Epic back then.

I’m just at a loss for words.