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My personal thoughts so far

I hope this is the appropriate way of giving feed back for the stress test and to TC. I very much would like to give constructive feed back and help tune the game.

Arcade mode is interesting. Im not crazy about it but i do not believe it is trash or a waste.
Hero choices are cool. I hope there are changes to how long it takes to level them up and unlock more weapons and equipment. Maybe lower the points required or make more ways to build points/exp or whatever powers your character.
I think it would be cool to have a gnasher at the start or the ability to unlock one early in the match.
Maybe have a hero who starts with a gnasher instead of a rifle/smg?

Koth is perfect. I found that the gameplay is very skill and team based.
The damage of every gun feels super high. Maybe buff everyones hp by like 10%?
I am very much enjoying the gnasher in this game, i have found it really feels powerful and satisfying one-two shotting someone, i also found that being killed in one shot was far less frustrating then in previous installments. I like where the gnasher is at currently and hope it is not nerfed or buffed.
I have found the rifles to be pretty strong, but as long as i stick to cover and close to team mates the peppering from flanks is actuallly pretty manageable.

Im really liking how team oriented this installment feels.
The koth matches I have played have been super intense and very fun.
Matches where my team mates do not group up usually are spent being out numbered and peppered by lancers, which makes it feel like lancers are op when its just my own foolishness being exposed and out numbered.
Matches where my team is coordinating and sticking together are a blast as someone is able to provide cover firing and stop enemies from peppering me from my flanks.

The new omen is okay. I find it blinds and confuses me more then indicate which direction danger is coming from, but in the end hp is so low i drop as soon as i see red most of the time.

I hate the new show scoreboard and map button. I hope you add and option to switch to hold button for scoreboard as i am so used to that. I found myself holding the button down to see my score only to have the map pop up on me. I cant seem to break my nature of holding it down to see score so it would be nice if i could choose to toggle hold for scoreboard and tap for map.

That gravity rock hammer thing is freaking insane i have found the lunge on it to be crazy. If someones coming for me i have no chance of stopping them alone. Running seems to be the only option to escape but they usually catch me with the swiping lunge regardless.

All and all im looking forward to the launch in september, I think we have a great competitive gears of war thats pretty balanced between skill and team based gameplay


Played 10 matches of KOTH and I LOVE IT. Brilliant, the little tweaks here and there are wonderful. The two maps very good.
Overall 9/10 the only negative so far is the Omen.


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