My personal hopes for Gears 5 (for coalition)

I might be late but wanted to leave my feedback. I think the coalition did an okay job on gears of war 4 but sort of missed the mark on a few things. Here are some things I would like to see for Gears 5 in no particular order if they are reading.

  1. Better boss characters in horde mode. I felt like they were lacking in comparison to gears 3. There we genuinely scary monsters in gears 3 horde that would charge at you and look badass. Instead we got helicopters, and a blob monsters, and a couple others that werent that mind blowing like in Gears of war 3 horde. Nothing made me say “wow” this time around. The new god of war seems to achieve this affect with their boss battles.

  2. Less ridiculous skins. Less fat wrestler skins, flower skins. The artistic style and continuity is important. No deebee’s or ridiculous robots in multiplayer. This isn’t fornite, but even that has some continuity in the ridiculousness. I like how Gears of war 3 did it.

  3. The announcer voices after winning or losing in each round like in gears 3. This is sort of nitpicking, but I actually liked the announcers after the rounds in Gears 3. Felt sort of like the battle was part of a larger story. This works well as long as the voice acting is good.

  4. Better music and sound effects. I felt like Gears 3 had better music and sound design. Gears 4 music was bad enough that I would turn off the music.

  5. Better art style, perhaps improving upon the gears of war 3 art style. I just saw the movie “edge of tomorrow” recently, and felt that movie captured the feeling of gears pretty well even though it wasn’t even a true video game movie. Was best “video game” movie I ever saw though! Felt ripped straight from gears.

  6. More modes, like return of wingman. Maybe even a few never before done multiplayer modes. I think you did a good job with new modes like dodgeball.

  7. The great PC and crossplay support again! Coalition did a good job here.

  8. Core gameplay staying the same as gears 3 and 4 but just add more little bells and whistles and animations and things that you can do here and there. I’m thinking along the lines of the meat shield, beating people when they are down, but something new! I can’t think of anything specific right now. Just fun little things.

  9. New maps but bringing old popular ones okay too.

  10. Progression system like Gears 3. I want to be excited to unlock characters by playing better and not worry about purchasing loot boxes.

  11. This is going to sound funny but a VR spectator mode for PC version. I know it’s extremely difficult to implement real VR support, so that’s why I would love to just spectate matches in VR and feel like I’m in the Gears universe. Edit; Maybe an in VR movie to promote the game similar to “The Great C” on the Steam store.

  12. Next gen facial animation, faceware, snappers tech. For example looks up Harley Quinn for injustice 2.

  13. Better character banter in multiplayer. Gears 3 had much better banter between the characters that 4. It would be nice to get that back or make it even better.

Basically looking for Gears 2/gears 3 with more consistent art style. Not sure who did the characters, bosses, and enemies. And sound and art for Gears 3 (I know it was epic games but I mean the individuals) but I felt like it was much better than 4. Where as gears of war 4 feels sort of like a knockoff in the art department, but the core gameplay is there so that’s what’s important.

So if I had to prioritize one thing it would be getting the art, concept art, art style and sound design on point. So far I am happy with the trailer though so we will see!


i agree the music, dashboard, cmmentators after winning or loosing around the art syle. it all sucked in gears 4 the only thing gears about gears 4 was the gameplay and thats it… i dont like core tuning at all. dodgeball as one positive thing about gears 4 in my opinion we deff need new and better map design everyone hated what they did.

great post!

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I have different opinions on various other points, but I agree with these.

The music was bland and forgettable, nothing like any of the Original Trilogy. Especially the menu, where most of the time is spent.

The voices pre/post-game are missed as well. I understand we’ll never get the legendary Queen Myrrah’s voice lines in any future Gears (“Ground-walking garbage! Do you concede so easily?! Prove to me you are Locust!” for example) but it’s very bland without ANY character. Even Marcus himself could replace Hoffman/Prescott for the COG. As for the Swarm…Kait has potential.

i really hope all game modes have the same tuning and loot boxes dissapear

For me I like to see characters that survive in gears 3 like Clayton Carmine Jace Striation, and Dizzy Williams in gears 5 campaign as long with better character development for the new characters in gears 4 too.

Not so much hopes, but I didn’t want to start a new thread. I’m more interested in when our next bit of Gears 5 news is coming. Surely about time we got a little hint/piece of official info.
The reveal was over 3 months ago.
Come on TC, give us something :wink: