My personal experience with KOTH and thoughts on the current issue

ive been seeing alot of people having problems with KOTH mainly complaining about waiting a long time for a match which tbh ive been having this problem to but when im actually reading the posts im noticing there are alot of 5 man stacks me personally just my own opinion but I love the fact its harder for 5 man stacks to find matches in KOTH im a solo player who had to grind extremely hard and long to get to diamond 2 never wanted to get there its only because i wanted to see how far i could go alone and man ive always hated going against 5 man stacks i understand everyones point their friends with the stacks randoms are trash i get it i really do but i really dont want to seem like im bragging but diamond 2 with soloing with sometimes playing with literally 1 or 2 other friend i havent been in a 5 man stack since season 4 so it just surprises me how many 5 man stacks populated KOTH and yes i understand PC been struggling more than xbox i feel bad for u guys really i do but does everyone have to stack so many times ive been threw matches in koth having the worst teamates and going against pure sweats or 5 man sweats and lost but i still kept going alone and refused to pair up because i dont want to rely on others thats how ive become a pretty skill full and agressive player sort of lol but all in all this was all just my own personal experience and my own opinion with 5 man stacks terriable teammates and soloing in koth BTW even tho i stated i havent been in a stacked team since season 4 ive only 5 man stacked a total of 26 times and ive been playing since season 1 and finally even tho i hate 5 man stacks ETC ive still won against alot of em and still not every match i played had 5 man stacks so it really does suck XBOX and PC cant find matches 5 man or not this really shouldnt be a issue i understand what they were trying to do but if unfair match making like this has to happen just to find matches tbh im ok with it ive been dealing with these unfair matches since season 1 and havent complained at all just got mad at the stack so hope TC can fix the problem with match making and such

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Please break up your post a little bit…


basically i hate 5 man stacks ive solo matches since season 1 with very few matches since season 1 ive been in 5 man stacks the issue with koth does suck but it surprises me how man 5 man stackers there are i understand randoms suck and u want to play with your friends but ive solo since season 1 and season 4 and season 5 i got diamond with 5 being in diamond 2 so yea also i do feel the pain of PC and XBOX struggle they really should fix it

I’ll give $100 to the first person that can find a period or a comma


you see i understand im typing a paragraph but im pretty sure proper grammar isnt needed when everyone can get ny point so pls dont be a smartass about it

Oh wow please tell me I didn’t just read that…


my* typing on low brightness while being in school sucks

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Universal Tuning here and I support this forum as I believe your experience with playing vs 5 stacks often is a result of the 2 different tunings. Many don’t like to admit it but the divided tunings has had an overall negative impact on matchmaking a ripple effect I would say that can be seen throughout Gears 4

Oh ok I get that😂

pretty much amigo i agree with u 100%

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I stopped reading after I realized there was no punctuation at all. Is there such a thing as a run on paragraph?:joy:

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There’s a time for English lessons but now is the time for warriors Gears 5 is on the horizon our focus should be on unity not further division among the Gears community.

why do people care so much on the damn paragraph like i understand everyone who replies like a smartass is a scholar but pls i didnt type this for your approval or to type random forum properly to practice i typed this forum for the message

Look son, its sometimes about the small details.

  1. Jesus Christ! Were you born in a barn?!

Compare with:

  1. Jesus Christ, were you born in a barn?

Or alternatively:

a) Let’s eat, grandma!

Compare with:

b) Let’s eat grandma!

Now I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect a minimum standard to be met here. And we all know what happens when we stop holding a minimum standard - Gears Of War: Judgment.


It’s very mentally exhausting to read what you’ve written. I gave up after about the third line and I’m sure 9/10 people would do the same. You need punctuation and line breaks so that your post is digestible. In all seriousness, you should work on this.


Punctuation is key to getting your point across.

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I will unify under their Coalition of Puncutation. If you want people to take some one serious, the least someone can do is use a moderate amount of grammar and punctuation. It helps people stay interested instead of looking at a mess of words and try to figure out what the person is trying to convey.

It’s not difficult nor is it much more time consuming. We have been taught this since our youth and if you find it unnecessary, maybe you should just refrain from posting your opinion because know one is going to take you serious.

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Maybe you should focus on your school work. Then post after school.

Just saying! Education 1st and play second.

I am typing this while at work so i should not talk.

I think the group is saying. They would be happy to respond but make your thoughts a little more clear, so they can help.

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Player base is low. Matchmaking just sucks right now. Expect it to get worse until Gears 5 comes out. Though I like to come up with creative solutions, there’s no easy fix for this. If it’s becoming unplayable for you, my recommendation is to either find a different game or learn to love TDM. That’s the most populated mode so you get better matchmaking (though my diamond /Onyx stack still gets put against bronze, silver, and gold every day).

Was there ever a time where the Gear 4 player base was “high” it has always seemed to me that Gears 4 was a game most people just played for the campaign then left in the dust I’m sure some took a look at the PvP and were bombarded with game modes split between 2 different tunings they probably didn’t even know where to begin