My opinion on the gears 4 packs and what TC should do for gears 5

Gears packs, now for gears 5 i don’t think they should be removed just completely reworked.

(Edited based on reply’s) Horde cards should be earned and not RNG style, and the more you play the better your skills will be and the more skills you will get the method that should be used is the token system that Bleeding Pepper explains in this post, this is what they recommend and what i also think should be used now;

Also while i think the air-drops had good intentions i just dont feel that they should be in the game or if they are cheaper, somewhere along the lines of 20-30 dollars for the ultimate air-drop, because cmon this is in game things your not buying a real air-drop to come to your house.

Now about event card packs, i think the way you did lambent was the best no RNG for real money purchases you get exactly what you want, the only thing i didnt like was the cost 20ish dollars for one character , i realize you people put alot of time into this but in the end its just a cosmetic, i feel a price of about $3-3.50 for a char is good and $3 for still skins (full set) and $4 for animated skins (full set), its much better for you TC to have 100 people buy a $3 skin over 3 people paying $20 for a skin. also no mega packs in general.

For e-sports skins it should be the same as events, you buy what you want, but since its e-sports people would probably spend 1-2 dollars more (of the event skin price i listed) because they would show that you support e-sports and generally some of the e-sports skins just look really nice. as far the the team skins like OpTic or the others you should have the 2 chars and a complete weapon set and charge about 10 dollars so the pack are worth it, because right now 3 skins and 2 chars for 17 bucks is absolutely insane.

As far as the maps they should only be $1 because if you play online with randoms you have no reason to buy them but if there a buck a piece people might buy them for the 10% bonus of each map.

Overall i think if you did decrease the prices and made it so you can buy the direct skins and chars you will make a lot more money and your player-base will be happy which means you get a better rating on your games which means more players and the cycle continues.

Buy horde cards??

Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG

Horde needs to be A VIDEO GAME with all progression built around PLAYING


I agree to an extent. I think there needs to be some kind of an in game economy for players to use. The criticisms of GOW4 is the way it’s balanced and structured - namely the RNG factor and low drop rates.

What I wouldn’t want is if a large portion, or all of the custom skins to have RNG removed but in return it be made money only purchases. TC saw the reaction to the original plan for the Lambent Packs (originally money only purchases) so I hope they take this on board.

The in game economy needs to be balanced so that it’s not a repetitive grind. Versus players need to get a bigger chunk of credits (or equivalent if the in game economy changes) as right now it pales compared to Horde payouts.

TC also need to recognise that Horde speedruns came about due to fans feeling unhappy with the packs, RNG and unbalanced in game economy. Speedruns are repetitive and boring. Ask any speedrunner and the vast majority will tell you they would rather be doing something more fun and stimulating. TC need to incentivise Horde by not only making it fun, but making the economy fair.

Also we need customisation items available via in game progression. Link then to the achievements, or hitting certain milestones or if there’s that medal system from GOW3, link them to that. Also time limited challenges like now is fine too (e.g.: Griffin, Diamond and Ruby Scions). I don’t mind setting a high bar for a few of them such as the Diamond characters, just so they act as indicators of ability thay only a small portion of players achieve. I’m personally not anywhere near that level but I can live with that.

Regarding Horde skills, I think if levelling up is involved, it needs to be in game progression based. Perhaps make it a bit RPG esque where gaining XP allows you to level up whoch makes certain skills available, and on leveling up you gain tokens which can be used to upgrade skill abilities? Certain skills or higher level skill upgrades require more than one token? Or alternatively you get tokens for every 50 waves cleared (cuminatively, not consecutive)? Either way it seems poor for Horde skills to be based around RNG.


The ONLY “packs” that should be £££ are the E sports and even then I think they should have an in game currency option all be it very expensive (ie 50k credits for 1 pack) as either way you’re playing/supporting the game imo.

I’m supprised G4 got away with the horde packs the way they are, considering the backlash SWBF2 received for pretty much the same system tho I’m guessing it was due in part to having less impact being PvE and not PvP.

I’m all for cosmetic MTs if done right but any type of in-game advantage for £££ should not exist in any game ever let alone a AAA with the backing of one of the biggest companies in the world.


hmm ya now that i have thought about it allowing people to buy horde cards would really turn gears into a pay 2 win style game.

I agree with Bleeding Pepper and that you get tokens when you complete horde matches or have a horde xp bar that allows you to get tokens, to buy skills.

That’s what it was this time around with the ability to rng them, it’s a shame, horde has such great potential

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I think horde skills should be tied to your rank. Advance say 10 experience levels of horde and it unlocks the hability to earn level 1 tier horde skills. If they go this card pack route now there’s the chance to buy some horde packs and unlock your tier 1 horde skills or if you have scrap just buy them with it.

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