My opinion on one weekend of Gears 5 Test

So first of all im gonna put the Friday bugs/can’t play aside. Wish it had work properly at the time it was supose to but it is what it is. Just couldn’t play and i decided “ill come back later”

But i played a lot on Saturday and Sunday, wanted to clear those medals out in case i can’t play next weekend.

My general opinion about the game is that it looks like a big patch for GOW4. Some improvements are nice, i like how you see the pellets coming out of the shotgun, i like the knife, it put back a bit of punch into melee without making it overpowered either. Movement seem a bit faster and more fluid. Major improvements on the buzzkill , it seem much more usefull now and easier to manuver. Its cool that smoke does not stun anymore, but i wish flashbang would be a pick up and not a load out. At least now you don’t get stun AND have to deal with a ton of smoke everywhere so its a plus in my book. Active reload seem to not really be a thing anymore, its still there but does not do more damage so props for that.

On the “small things” i didn’t like, the damage screen… you can’t see much as you get red. The old system was fine. Why fix was not broken? Hope they revert it back. The shotgun seem a bit too strong. I know it sound weird coming out of me because i was not a fan of the competitive damage (prefered core) but i often get downed very fast and sometimes with distance too. I feel like the shotgun is kinda like “always on active damage” so a minor nerf would be cool.

On the modes… well KOTH is KOTH so its fine. Escalation i was never a fan in 4 so take this with a grain of salt but if the idea of blocking a weapon is cool, the whole wait in between rounds bugs the hell out of me so bad. Also i wish it would been a first to 5. I never understood TC/EPIC … Back in the days they insisted on making execution 5 rounds, even shortening it up to 3 rounds originally in GOW3, but they litteraly put a much longer mode at a first to 7… Even when the rounds are win/loss fast, the wait time in between rounds annoys me so much. And when the rounds are won by the timer… its so long.

But the real offended to me is Arcade… Who taugh this was a good idea? Probably the same guy that invented the sawed off shotgun in 3 (and its original OP damage) . Man this mode is bad. The oncept of buying weapons is cool and fine, but everybody starting with a lancer only? The games start as a lancer fest and its just not fun, even when winning easily. Then peoples buy Snipers (especially) in training ground and it become a peek-a-boo game. Can’t even rush them with a gnasher by default.

Either let people start with both guns like usual gears, or gnasher only, but not lancer variants only. I played a bunch of it because i wanted my medals (and like i said not fan of escalation even tough we did played some) but as soon as i got my 15 wins i was out of there and back in KOTH. REALLY not a fan of arcade.

I know its hard to come up with new modes for a game that is now on its 6 game (counting Judge but not UE) but still…

Otherwise i wantto talk a bit about the unlock system, it looks cool, doing challenge to unlock weapon skins is nice, i like the MVP screen, the emotes could be nice too. Wish it would be a top 3 tough like most games (podium style) to give more peoples a chance to shine, even in defeat if they performed well) but im digging the concept

So overall its a big mixbag for me. I “LIKE” it but im not “loving” it. I feel going straight from 4 to 5 may feel like not a huge difference and i may get tired of 5 much faster than i should, especially after 3 years of 4 instead of 2 like usual (exept between 2 and 3) . I did took a break 2-3 months ago or so of GOW4 and didn’t plan on playing it again to be fresher for 5 but the skins for Gears 5 brough me back… :confused: Didn’t want to miss them (altough i did miss the first cause i didn’t catch it on time)

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