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My opinion about Gears 5´s awesome campaign and HORRIBLE MULTIPLAYER!

Gears 5 - awesome campaign but horrifying multiplayer.
Gears was, is and will always be my absolut favorite shooter.
i spend thousands(!) of hours playing Gears 1-4 (onyx 3)but damn…what have you done with gears 5?!
first the really positiv things about gears 5:

  1. the story/campaign. wow…srsly just wow! the campaign was so freaking good. it nearly matches Gears 2. you can really feel the quality, the money and the love that went to it. very beautful designed with so many different and great looking scenarios. all the emotions werent forced and everything feels so authentic. It was a total blast!
  2. the visuals/game design. i really thought, that Gears of War 4 was like the highest possible thing we could get, wen it comes to graphics. But i was totally wrong. Gears 5 looks absolutly stunning! everything loks so smooth and highly detailed. the new character designs are well made (i like what you guys did with the swarm sniper) real high quality ■■■■ :smiley:

now the negative part - the multiplayer:
the only thing you guys sadly messed totally up, is the multiplayer. Gears 4 was nearly(!) perfect when it comes to the MP, but gears 5…oh man…i dont even know where to start to be honest. ill just try to list everything up.

  1. totally messed up hitboxes. there is just no skill needed at all to get a kill (not elimination)
  2. auto aim. i never ever ever got killed that often by snipers and noobies. even i (im decent sniper) hit nearly every shot with the longshot. often im like “how the hell did i got this headshot”. i mean come on guys…even gnasher duels feel so braindead…theres no skill needed at all!
  3. flash bangs. ok lets be fair. i think it is a god idea to add more stuff to the game when it comes to weapons…but the flashbangs are kind of too strong. if you play king of the hill, youll get flooded by flash bangs…so annoying and not fun at all. i think the flash bangs need a big nerf OR limitation.
  4. weapon power. i really really like it, that you nerfed the Gnasher (only 6 shot magazine). this brings more dynamic to the game. i also like that nearly every weapon got buffed that was trash in gears 4 (for example the Markza). i really do enjoy it. now every weapon is very strong…well not every weapon…some are just wayyy too strong. IMO the lancer needs nerfs, so does the Snub. this really needs to be patched guys.
  5. The Spawns. very often my enemies spawn directly behind me - so do i. this is so annoying cause you cant do anything against getting killed. i know its very hard to make the spawns 100% work on small maps but come on guys…we all know that you can do better thn this!
  6. sound of foodsteps. i dont know if its me but IMO the sounds of the foodsteps are totally broken. you cant really hear anything precise. but this could just be.
  7. No real punishment for Quitters. jesus…nearly every third match that i play, contains a guy that guits…lets be honest a quit means a 80% loss for the team and i hate that so much. quitters should be punished way harder like 24hour bann or what so ever.
  8. No Ranks/Tiers shown. why cant i see the Ranks of my teammates and opponents? IMO its very important to know how high/low your teammates and opponents are. for example: if i see a guy in my team that has a very low rank, i know that i have to take care of him. what i mean by that is, that you have to support this guy even more. same for the team…if you see a diamond player, you should be very careful and overthink your playstyle. hope youll add this via the next patch.
  9. the movement. another thing that feels kinda off is the movement. shooting behind walls etc feels really stupid…also the way your character moves and aims feels sometims spongi and unprecise. maybe i just need to get used to it, but right now, it feels just weird.

My Result: very very strong game when it comes to story/campaign, graphics and design with a (sadly) absolute horrible multiplayer that needs to be fixed ASAP!

#makegearsgreatagain :upside_down_face:


The multiplayer is awful. So inconsistent it’s ridiculous.


The strangest thing is;

The campaign in games like this take the most time / assets / manpower because it’s completely from scratch. Storyboarding, plot-lines, characters, everything. Yet it turned out pretty incredibly

But ironically, they’ve had literally an entire decade of gears history (multiplayer) which is full to the brim of established gameplay, game modes, aesthetics, movement dynamics, weapon balancing and even a solid idea of map layout design that works. Yet despite that, even from a moderate players view, they’ve got almost all of it either wrong or questionable in gears 5

For some reason they’ve taken the very vague ‘Different is Better’ ideology and seemed to have applied it to almost everything. Switching SOME things up is usually somewhat healthy, but turning everything upside down just for the sole sake of change is really odd. When it was being QA’d, why are they against using veteran players as a vocal point of what could be done to improve the gameplay and what could they possibly change. They don’t have to take everything they say into account, but just use it as a guide line - It’s very important for a game like this to have a learning curve. To balance a game doesn’t mean ‘Make it easy for everyone’

At this point it seems evident that they wanted to make the game inclusive to any skill level so they designed the gameplay to be easy to such an extent that it’s completely broken down the foundation of what makes it a gears game great and even what gave gears it’s original charm

Trying to cater to everyone does not work, it’s proved itself not to work along the years and it never will. To make a game completely inclusive for any type of Gamer of any skill level will always fail because the large majority of people that publishers and developers are pandering to will likely not be playing the game in a few months time because they will have moved onto something else - and all that remains are the disappointed fans who are left to play a game that wasn’t made for them

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I agree with pretty much most of this I am loving the multiplayer but there are times when how I’ve died makes no sense when the enemy was pointing in completely different direction to where my body was and I die, the power weapons like the buzz kill, wtf is going on with this weapon I fell threatened when the enemy team pick it up because it kills you in 2 hits and it can fire pretty fas to, that was never the case gears 4 but it still did damage .

And I agree with the campaign, best gears campaign I would have to say with the graphics and environment I love it. I have only done one play through though because of all the glitches it had with not loading properly and checkpoints not registering and getting stuck in certain parts of the campaign so you have to start that section from the beginning, and collectibles not registering either.

Has any of this been fixed yet?

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