My Operation 4 & Preseason Feedback

Context: I earned Silver in the game modes so I could talk about them with some experience.
General Feedback: Boost should be purchasable through Gears coins, not just iron. Boost is a massive time saver and keeping it locked behind monetization is counter to the whole philosophy of “valuing the time the player puts into the game”.
As for quick skins to put in the store: Islander Lahni and Winter Armor Baird come to mind.
No Gears Points (GP) for Round Wins? A round in King of The Hill can take some time, and if one team wins a round but loses the match it makes no sense that they don’t get any GP for winning a round. I suggest keeping the Match Win GP, and dividing the total number of rounds possible in a match by the Match Win GP and making that the amount of GP given for a round win.
Please consider making the tiers more restrictive in Bronze matchmaking. I say this because Bronze is the initial rank so there’s more people in the ranks. As there’s more people there’s more people in each tier thus it would be logical for the tiers in Bronze to be more restrictive in terms of matchmaking.
Also in general I suggest putting more ways to earn GP through teamwork. Such as putting revives in King of the Hill or putting downs that lead to kills (separate from Eliminations) in as a way to earn GP. I’ll speak on this in my Gridiron section too.
As a solo queue player I like seeing who is playing together in a squad now. The downside is I can see unfairness in the matchmaking now. I’ve had one game where the enemy team has 2 squads of 2 people each and my whole team has nobody playing in a squad. Or another instance where the whole enemy team is a 5 stack and nobody on my team is in a squad. Please prioritize squad size more when matchmaking. I understand the previous ranking system would look at skill rating to determine how teams were made but that doesn’t make sense to me either. A 5 stack would have a significant advantage over solo queue players in terms of communication and strategy. This is also not evident when looking at skill rating. This is a clear disadvantage from a solo queue perspective against any stacked team. Personally, I’d prefer if I could put squad size as a priority option over ping and matchmaking time.
A UI issue is on the the initial loadup of the game, the ranks are displayed incorrectly.
Where’s the actual quitter mitigation in the ranking system? On Bronze there’s no penalty as there’s no match entry fee. There should be something more robust than only a match entry fee.
I’d say for the GP values you guys looked at the big data pulled from the previous ranking system and brought it over. I suggest taking creative control over some aspects of the GP values and rewarding what you consider to be skilled play as well.

Gridiron: The GP for revives is too low. This is a single life mode and it’s only 1 point for a revive? Gears is a team-based game and increasing the GP for revive and GP for revive total to increase teamwork. I suggest increasing GP for each revive to 2 and increasing the max to 20. This will make players value revives more.

King of The Hill: You guys say the ranking system is designed to mitigate exploitation but some of the values seem off. For example, 10 breaks in a match. From my experience playing this is not a natural amount, when going for breaks I barely hit 5 breaks a match. Or the elimination limit of 40. This is too little and I understand it’s to mitigate exploits but please slightly raise it to something more natural. An elimination cap in the 60 – 80 range sounds good to me. In my experience I realize I reach the limit on elims so I change my playstyle to get more caps or breaks. If I have the limit reach on caps too it feels like I am just waiting for the game to end.