My only ask for gears 5

Summary at bottom for those who don’t have the time or patients to read it all

Although there are a lot of asks from many different personalities for the future of this franchise I personally only have one. If anyone else believes this is a good idea please support this post, but if not please explain why. Please try and stay on the topic I present as I would really like to possibly get a reply at some point (good or bad) from TC.

In order to enjoy this games multiplayer again I need the return of true player/social matches in their true form, not this variation that currently exists

Let me explain…

Currently, social matches cap your party size to 2, and force whatever game mode you play to be very abbreviated (ie: restricting rounds to win, restricting score limit to win, or a combination of both). This really is brutal for players that are a higher skill set than their friends and just want to play a true gears experience with them. I am limited to 1 friend, and I can only play microgames, essentially forcing me to match make more than I play in most instances (at least that is how it ends up feeling).

In every gears game all the way back to 1 there were player or social matches that were not party restricted, with no quit penalty that played each game type with the same exact score caps and rounds to win as their ranked counterparts. This allowed for players to find other players to group with to play ranked, or to simply get better at the game in a more true to ranked format. It also allowed for a more play to have fun with friends environment that doesn’t exist in versus in gears 4.

I don’t care if it bots are filling empty slots or not, I don’t care what tuning is used, I don’t care if it forces me to pick what game mode I want to play after every game. I just want a more social space for larger groups of friends to play this game that doesn’t require all of them to be at the same or similar skill level.

I really love this franchise, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to bring anyone into it when they are multiplayer focused gamers and I can’t play in a group with them unless we play bots only, or play versus and my presence queues them with people that know the game better so they get stomped over and over.

Every single major multiplayer franchise has matchmaking like this that is meant to be for groups to play, and gives players the freedom to quit when they want, take a full party into the game, play with match score and rounds like ranked, in a non ranked setting, Call of Duty, Battlefield, titanfall, left 4 dead, Overwatch, splatoon, Destiny, fifa, madden, guitar hero… you get my point.

I don’t want more queues that will “divide the community”. I don’t want anything that hasn’t been in this game before. I just want to be able to play with a group of friends in a true to actual multiplayer setting with no stakes so friends of all skillsets can enjoy this game. It was in every other game in this franchise, not sure what happened here.

For those of you that don’t like reading here is a quick summary:
Make the following changes to social for gears 5

Make round score to win same as ranked
Make number of rounds to win to win match the same as ranked
Allow for up to 5 man parties
Quitting has no penalty

Thank you.

My suggestions:


*Queue number in mode lobbies so we know what is most populated and what is least populated.

*One tuning for the entire game. Don’t care if it is core or comp or something in the middle… just one. It’s annoying to play Escalation for a few hours than switch back to TDM only to remember the gnasher is a blunderbuss 3 deaths in.

*New variety of gameplay modes - (maybe Capture the flag/soccer/freezetag/zombies/whatever)

*Gameplay tiers with separated modes:
Social > TDM, KOTH, Arms Race, Dodgeball, Escalation, Execution, etc

Ranked > TDM, KOTH, Arms Race, Dodgeball, Escalation, Execution, etc

*Better bounties - MVP bounty would be pretty cool but there’s tons of options for what new bounties could be made.

*Lobby chat for regions - Opens the door for a lot of trashy people to spam a bunch of nonsense (just need safeguards) however it’d be great to meet up with current players in your region to form a squad.

*IN-Game player rating system - not xboxlive’s enforcement bologna but an actual in game rating system. I know many people have said that this type of feature would lead to abuse by whole teams putting negative reviews for people they don’t like or who bested them in the game but so be it and here’s why:
We can assume that this system will be abused a % of the
time, therefore the threshold numbers just need to be high.

I’ll use myself as an example.

Playing like a normal, mentally stable adult, We will assume I would get probably 5-15 downvotes or reports from sweaty greasebags that are pissed mom is going to start charging them rent and just needed that win to feel better. This is assuming they are in a stack and the whole team of 5 submits a negative report against me.

That seems like a lot to get per day. However, Mr. Better-get-a-job consistently has a bad attitude, sends trashy messages to people on a regular basis, is aggressively stupid, gets mad that someone picked up a longshot and stands there smoking them or shooting at them, performs lots of general jack-■■■■■■. He’s going to get consistently negative feedback on every match he participates in. Making my 5-15 a day = essentially zero in comparison.

You can only mark a review on someone 1 time unless you are changing it from a negative to a positive or positive to a negative. (other safeguards in place as well like IP logging so if accounts were switched they can’t review the same person again while having the same IP address)

Positive reviews negate the negative and the negative negate the positive.

Reviews can only be performed by a certain Re-up or Level of player to prevent people creating dozens of dummy accounts to falsify review system (other safeguards in place as well like IP logging so they can’t review themselves with different accounts on the same IP)

Enough negative reviews and the gamertag gets a mark next to it of some sort to inform other players they are toxic garbage. They get less XP and less credit rewards until they bring it back up to neutral/positive by being bringing a better attitude to the game and receiving positive feedback.


Hum i agree with you, i really don’t like the current form of SOCIAL. I have several friends who are not too good in the end, they always play rank because i guess they want to play a specific mode and are more than 2. But if i go play with them, most of the time we loose as they are not good enough for rank. I guess they don’t care much but i do. Don’t want my W/L going down the drain. I wish we could just go in social as a party. I get that this is made so peoples don’t go in social as a party of 5 beasts farming noobs, but its social… peoples can leave even mid game… so well.

As a counter part i wish there would be a lone wolf rank playlist, so when your by yourself you can enjoy rank without being stomp on by team of 5 whiles your teamates are clearly not good/not communicating. Could be just TDM or KOTH (the most popular modes) but at least allow us to play rank by ourself with a fair chance.


I like your last point there of solo ranked.

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The solo ranked would be really cool, but I’m sure some people will come back with a “it’ll divide the community more” argument. To be fair it would, but maybe there is a compromise, like people queuing ranked solo can’t be matched against teams of more than 2 man stacks? I don’t know how exactly it would work.

Simply put, if Gears doesn’t have a large player-base throughout it’s life-cycle, things like this are going to be tough to implement.

So many of these problems with stacked teams and wait times would be solved if there were more people playing, but there aren’t and so we’re pretty much forced to deal with what we have currently.

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What a wonderful suggestion (re: rep system)

Now that the trailer is launched I think this is even more important. Please look into something that will allow friends to play versus multiplayer as a group that isn’t watered down, party restricted, or bots only. Bring back the old version of social/public matches. There is need for this. Not everyone is the same skill level as their friends, nor does everyone want to play ranked all the time just to play multiplayer in a group or to play the game mode they want.

Lets keep this discussion going!