My Midnight-Omen Boltok is gone!

Please help! My Midnight-Omen Boltok is gone after installing the new update. I actually don’t know if any more skins are gone but I’m worried. I hope this can be fixed because I grinded many hours in Horde to get the lancer, Gnasher, and Boltok…

The Midnight Omen are now for Locust/Swarm in MP they didn’t gone and the Syndrome skins are for the COG , this only applies in MP , in horde is unchanged.

Ok, then can you explain how I still have the Midnight-Omen Gnasher & Lancer for the COG?

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Could be a glitch, I don’t find any Omen in my COG inventory only for Horde

The new gears update suppose to do the following:

Lock syndrome skins to Cog Versus

Lock Midnight Omen skins to Swarm Versus

Horde you can use either skin.

Boxes on ranked


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I don’t understand why TC did this, its very dumb. but then again, they are TC so, it makes sense.

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You sure you didn’t scrap?

You can reach @anon86589457, @EVIL_0NE.

Change the weapon skin and then go back to the inventory just to see if you can apply the Midnight Omen to a COG characters again

No I definitely didn’t scrap it and I’m definitely not removing it. That’s how my Boltok disappeared, I tried a different skin on it.

So I went from thinking I got ripped off to now feeling lucky I still have the two that I got lol maybe I should delete this post so that TC doesn’t read this and take away my skins :joy:

Was there any indication players had trouble identifying their mates from the enemies because of weapon skins not everyone use?

Looks like The Coalition just fixed an imaginary issue.

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I thought it would be easy for people to tell difference if a human and monster/robot would be a enemy or not with having the same weapon camo but apparently not. Glad TC acknowgle those small group of people btw you can use both syndrome and midnight omen in horde.

It is very unnecessary to remove the midnight skins for something that is not verfaf

It doesn’t affect me, I had Syndrone on my COG and Midnight Omen on my Swarm anyway. It makes more sense, and suits.

It seems as if you already had syndrome/midnight omen on swarm/cog then it stays if you change it oyu cant go back

It’d be pretty neat if they made both skins team skins. Like the midinght omen skins have a blue cog variant and the syndrome skins have a red swarm variant.