My matches tonight... Thank God skill-based matchmaking comes tomorrow!... Right?

This… This needs to be true… Ranked playlists are in such a sad state right now, it’s truly ridiculous. These screenshots were all captured tonight and no, I’m not cherry picking good examples. These are ALL of my matches played tonight other than one where my capture software messed up… TC, I’m begging you, PLEASE make me happy tomorrow with this update… I can’t take this any longer. It is on a whole seperate level of bad.

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I’m hoping for the same thing.

The amount of times I’ve had a completely new player to the game on my team as a master rank player is crazy.

Same for the enemy team. Most games are a landslide in either direction, with the odd evenly matched close game thrown in.

Even on my other account that I took from silver as a test to see how quickly I could hit masters again… It was the same thing, all the way up through the ranks.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow

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I have this happen a lot too. I’ve had so many teammates (and opponents) who straight up have no clue how to play. Then sometimes IM that guy being out with people way better than me and I’m like how the eff did I get out with these people. And I’ve played enough Gears in my life to know the difference between “I’m playing poorly” and “that guy is just better.”

I guess that’s what happens when the game thinks everyone is silver 2!

Yes, I’ve seen that too…

45% of the time we destroy the other side, 45% of the time we get destroyed, maybe 10% of the time it’s an even fight…