My Marcus Skin Collection is almost complete

So with this week’s recent update, I was able to add heroic Marcus and Omega Squad Marcus to my ever growing Marcus Skin Collection. Right now, I’m at 12/12. You may think that its complete, but its not. The only Marcus Skin I’m missing is Winter Armor Marcus. Yeah people keep telling me its a trash skin but I have to have every Marcus skin regardless of how I feel about it. (I don’t like beardless Marcus but I’m used to looking at it in my collection). We’ve pretty much have gotten all of the winter Skins back into rotation except the Cole and Marcus Variants. I just hope that sometime soon, I can eventually finish the collection and wait and see if more skins will come to the collection.

P.S why Did Gilded Marcus become a Epic Card when he was first a legendary?

I think Gilded Marcus and Gilded Scion were always epic cards from the start. Or maybe I’m wrong, haven’t used those skins for a looong time.