My main problems with gears 5

I have 4 main problems with versus right now which are aim assist/bullet magnetism, high ping players, the gnasher, and the lancer.

Aim assist/Bullet magnetism
I feel like the aim assist is more bad than good. I can feel the aim assist taking my reticle to any person that walks near it and it can completely make me lose my target because someone just ran by. I think it should either be toned down or just taken out of ranked. Also, the bullet magnetism is wild and too forgiving. Watching a killcam and seeing the other player’s shots connect but their reticle is not on me really sucks.

High ping players
I am not sure if playing against people with high pings has to do with the servers right now but it is a problem. Watching back the kill cams I get from a person with high ping is both hysterical and frustrating. I hope this gets changed.

I feel like the reduction in mag size and the need for a perfect reload to fully fill the mag is not necessary. I love the damage and the pellet feedback, I just don’t understand why there is a need to reduce the mag and emphasize active reload so heavily on this weapon.

I think the base damage for the lancer is good, but that active reload tho. The active reload on the lancer is ridiculous, it shoots so fast and I think it’s too strong. I think a small bump in damage, not rate of fire, is good.

Campaign (Minor issue)
The only issue I am having with the campaign right now is the controls. I used tournament alt in gears 4, but it is gone now. So I have to use classic-alt and control remapping to achieve my old control scheme. I thought it was fine until I found out the ‘Y’ button is for jack, use, revive, meatshield, and to pick up stuff. There too much going on for one button and most of the time I use jack’s ability when trying to pick up mod components or zooming in on an important event. If tournament ult can be brought back I would be grateful.