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My last thread on this subject ー Why do you turn crossplay off (Poll inside)


(WD Hawkeye) #121

Anti cheats aren’t all that effective. People with no lives and nothing better to do constantly find ways around them. Battle eye on Rainbow six siege is a complete joke. If someone really wants to cheat they will find a way around it. It sometimes frightens me how much we could progress as a species if these people put this much effort into productive things.

(III EnVii III) #122

Cheat > Hardware Ban.

Want a new account? Buy new components.

This will easily stop cheaters.

(WD Hawkeye) #123

As much as I would love to see this happen, I don’t think TC/MS would go for this scorched earth policy.

(III EnVii III) #124

They have done it though.

Just not often enough.

(Stoic Slab) #125

But does anti-cheat dissuade potential cheaters?

Someone who is determined to circumvent anti-cheating measures will eventually succeed given enough time. But are all cheaters like that, or do many of them lack the patience and simply give up if the obstacles are too great?

Anti-cheat might not stop all cheating, but if it prevents most of it, then I consider that a better situation then having no protection at all.

(WD Hawkeye) #126

Yes it might dissuade some cheaters from doing it in the first place. I agree with that. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be one at all. I would support there being an anti-cheat on gears 5. But that being said, anti cheat isn’t the end all solution to cheating. I haven’t ran into any cheaters on gears 4 (at least that I was aware of). But on the aforementioned Rainbow six siege, they have an anti cheat called battle eye but yet cheating is still rampant on the PC side of that game. Maybe battle eye dissuaded some cheaters, but there are more than enough dedicated cheaters on the game to make it an unenjoyable experience for the PC community.

(TGLT Clutch) #127

if that is I dont see any reason why they can’t make GoW UE crossplay. Completely same scenario. and UE pc needs crossplay for us to be able to complete achievments

(mizzelphug) #128

Seriously has been the bane of my Gears’ achievements.
It’s glitched for me on both UE and Gears 1. ( xbox)

They might as well allow crossplay for UE so we all have a chance to get into any match as there is no bot backfilling on UE.

When Gears5 launches TC should force crossplay on Gears4 as well because the already low xbox population is going to drop to nearly nothing and you guys on PC really won’t have a chance to get a match. There are what, 20 frequent posters (possibly lower?) on this entire forum which should be a decent indication of just how low the game’s population has fallen.

(TGLT Clutch) #129

Do you mean like you are unable to find matches and complete them or does it just not unlock?

They should add crossplay for GoW UE if Halo MCC does.

GoW 4 should have weekly crossplay toggle resets and be full crossplay from 2 months before Gears 5 or even earlier.

(mizzelphug) #130

I have over 40K ranked kills alone in UE and it won’t unlock.
I’ve been randomly reset multiple times now. Current kill count is 12,300 - about half of those are social as they switched the requirement from ranked-only to include social kills when the population died and they moved all the modes over to social.

The other issue (when I stopped trying a few months ago) is that I could not get into any more matches.
Similar problems with Gears 1 and just gave up completely on it since UE played so much smoother by comparison.

(TGLT Clutch) #131

sorry for late reply. Have you tried tweeting The Coalition or TC Octus on twitter? He usually responds and helps out.

(J4CKA1) #132

I turned it off once i noticed i had the option because in gmames ive played in the past, aiming is much easier with a mouse. May not apply on this game as much but thats why

(TGLT Clutch) #133

not every PC player uses mouse and those who use controller can still keep up just fine against mouse.

(J4CKA1) #134

Im not saying its a huge deal in this game. Others like the division it definitely makes a difference and my knee jerk reaction was turn it off

If i still played i would turn it off simply fir more players to match with

(III EnVii III) #135

The hit detection in this game is so off that even point blanks with every pellet hitting the other player sometimes doesn’t count.

But your right, mouse/keyboard and controller each have their slight positives and negatives but neither provide a big advantage - well, not that I’ve seen so far.

(Redfox888) #136

I leave mine off because where i live i can’t get a stable connection so I don’t want to make the pc players lag like when our fellow gearheads from south of the border get online. Sorry there is nothing more i can do on my end im wired up to the stupid wireless antanea that recieves the signal but from there everything bounces through 5 or six repeaters. It would be fine if they would update their repeater stations because one of them keeps randomly switch ip addresses causing all sorts of packet loss and lag spikes.

(TGLT Clutch) #137

PC players don’t make additional lag. It’s something else on your side I think. Is your bandwidth low? Seeing your issue, it seems like a 4G hotspot would do better lol.

(Redfox888) #138

I know its not me its my isp. Nobody elses fault but the economic situation were I live breeds monopolys so service providers are limited.

(J4CKA1) #139

Yeah in this game, probably not much at all. Other games like, the division 2. Very much so

(III EnVii III) #140

I would still play Controller personally in any other game as for me, I would have to get used to Keyboard controls.

Just find it odd moving with buttons rather than an analogue stick.