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My last thread on this subject ー Why do you turn crossplay off (Poll inside)


(III EnVii III) #61

Nice for you to make assumptions about the general PC players, real classy.

(thesuicidefox) #62

Yea… when I’m in a game with a PC player and they almost always resort to trash talk through the game chat I’m assuming things. Seeing an Xbox player do the same thing by comparison is exceedingly rare in my experience.

But go ahead keep stalking me because you just have to one up me LOL

(III EnVii III) #63

So you play on Xbox and don’t see toxic players, get handled by PC players and so they are toxic?

Ok, great logic.

(thesuicidefox) #64

Where did I say I don’t see toxic players on Xbox?

Where did I say I “got handled” by a PC player?

No where. I stated that PC players are more toxic FROM MY EXPERIENCE and nothing else.

Still ASSuming I see.

(III EnVii III) #65

“Extremely rare” - as in you don’t see it on Xbox, in other words.

And if it’s your experience that PC players are more toxic then perhaps it’s something to do with you…

(thesuicidefox) #66

Yea the keywords here though are BY COMPARISON. That means COMPARED TO PC PLAYERS you are less likely to see an Xbox player be toxic.

Also I don’t trash talk or tea bag or any of that so yea, it’s definitely not me. LOL

(III EnVii III) #67

Your views are distorted, clear to see.

The Pc community, especially in EU, is far from toxic. A lot of people play together.

But whatever, you seem pretty biased to Xbox anyway with your anti-PC comments.

Guess you won’t havent really experienced Gears 4 on PC at 4K 144 FPS with all Settings turned up to Ultra.

(thesuicidefox) #68

Dude, EU is not the only region that exists. LOL Literally every comment you make is “well it’s not like that in the EU”. Because if it’s not like that in EU must be like that everywhere!

You have a serious ego problem dude.


@Potato_Boy_025 has his head in his hands right now…
"why oh why did I unleash this? "

(III EnVii III) #70

It’s also not like that in the US PC community.

I play with both sets of players.

(thesuicidefox) #71

If you say so.

(III EnVii III) #72

I do because I have that experience and you clearly don’t :+1:

(thesuicidefox) #73

LOL you play with EVERY PC player then? Right, sure.

You just have to be right though. That ego.

(III EnVii III) #74

What part of playing with the community equates to you thinking I claimed I played with every PC player??

Your making things up now …

P.S. ego for what? Claiming to play with everyone?

Ok …

(thesuicidefox) #75

If you don’t play with every PC player then you can’t speak for every PC player. From my experience, PC players are more often toxic than Xbox players. Like >75% of the time they are, compared to <25% the times that Xbox players are toxic. So when I say “PC players tend to be the most toxic” I mean that from experience. You can know a whole crap ton of non-toxic PC players, doesn’t change anything.

Because it seems to me you always have to be right and you always have to get the last word in. The fact you always point to “this is how it is in the EU” just demonstrates your shallow world view. Not to mention the fact that it seems like you came into this thread and replied to me with snarky comments JUST because of a conversation we had in another thread. You just want to be right and you want me (and prolly everyone else) to be wrong. That is ego my friend.

(III EnVii III) #76

I have to say my perspective is from the EU - because that’s what I mainly play…

I actually don’t care so I’m going to leave it there :+1:

(thesuicidefox) #77

Then stop using it as the example for everything. SMH

(Potato Boy 025) #78


I don’t think the PC community is toxic. If anything I’d say the WHOLE gears community is pretty toxic. This is the only game where I see people actively screaming at each other at eSports events. People who play League of Legends who play for WAY more money don’t even do that.

The in-game chat does make it easier to talk trash but I wouldn’t go as far to say PC is more toxic because of this. I think it really depends on who you play with and how you play them. Considering I keep crossplay on, from my experience xbox and game chat is about equal.


I’m a Xbox player and I can be beyond toxic😂

(Potato Boy 025) #80

This is true. I once witnessed David retro charge someone in social.
If that isn’t the most toxic disrespectful thing you could do I don’t know what is!