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My last thread on this subject ー Why do you turn crossplay off (Poll inside)


(TrackNova) #41

There’s something about a PC players connection every time one enters the game my shots don’t count. It’s like playing with a high ping player in the lobby. This is why I leave cross play turned off.

(III EnVii III) #42

Exactly, if you’ve never seen above 60 FPS then you are fine.

Just like no one complained about 30FPS Multiplayer games.

The problem is once you’ve seen a smoother image, going back is really difficult and headache inducing, which is why I can’t play 30FPS MP games …

(III EnVii III) #43

You definitely win the :trophy: for the most absurd post in this thread :clap:


I just love reading the PC player conspiracies :joy:

(III EnVii III) #45

Sometimes it just baffles my mind :exploding_head:

(IIMatracII) #46

Most of the pro player are still on console

(TGLT Clutch) #47

most of the pro players are better than every PC player.

Now turn on crossplay my friend

(mizzelphug) #48

None of the above reasons.

Playing on a PC shows a lack of commitment and I’m operating purely on spite. :slight_smile:

Chances are you already had a PC you used for other things, but it takes a higher level of dedication to shell out money on a 1-trick console, pay for Xbox Live Gold, and then willingly play with that hardware disadvantage from 7-15ft away from the TV.

(III EnVii III) #49

Everyone has a TV anyway,

Spending like $6,000 on a PC rather than a $600 console or so?


(TGLT Clutch) #50

Many console players play on monitors.

The fact that PC players still play the game after all the windows store issues, and crashing/freezing for almost 2 years shows that they are more commited.

By the way, I bought a PC to be able to play GoW 4 without having to switch every hour with my brother on the xbox. After I read the article that said ranked would become crossplay in the near future I decided to buy a PC and monitor(and peipherals)that costed around 350$

(xTheAntMan) #51

Crossplay = Off because of the potential for cheaters

I don’t care about the discussion around whether or not PC (sans cheats) gives any advantage over console - it’s a pointless debate that will never be settled. But a cheater on PC is going to ruin your gaming experience instantly.

As others have stated, obviously not ever PC player is a cheater, but if I have a choice to have 0% chance to encounter one, or 0.5%, I will choose 0%.

And just remember a person who abuses cheats 100% will obviously get banned. A “smart” exploiter won’t make it so obvious and resort only when necessary. And you’ll be left second guessing.

(III EnVii III) #52

Disappointing but I can accept it, although once again, cheaters are rare and can easily be avoided.

(Tekniis) #53

Hey i play on pc and dont use a aimbot and use a controller brah…

(hiivasieni) #54

You have a point that in pc its really easy to cheat compared to console. But remember that console is basicly a same program than pc and has its vulnerabilities and also People Who Will “hack” that program. So playing with only console doesnt give a 0% of cheaters even the % is clearly alot smaller than in pc gaming.

(thesuicidefox) #55

IMO, PC players tend to be the most toxic. Combined with the possibility of cheating I’d rather just not play with them.

Honestly bringing the game to PC was a mistake. Waste of development resources on a very VERY tiny minority of the population. They only did it for Gears 1 because it was a new franchise and they didn’t know how well it would go. Plus at the time MS was pushing the games for Windows Live platform also. That’s all this is to me… a cash grab in a different market.

Game does not need to be on PC to be successful. Please don’t bother doing it for Gears 5.

(Stoic Slab) #56

Or, just bring it to Steam.

(TGLT Clutch) #57

just no. Every game is developed on PC’s then tested on xbox.

The vast majority of the Gears PC players are those who played the legacy games on console. Gow 1-3 & Judgement. It’s not like they became toxic when they chsnged plstform. It’s just the easy access to stuff like text chat in game which is why they instead of typing xbl messages hating(like mexicans) they use the text chat.

Why should the game not be on PC? They get more monry and recogniyion for being crossplay and psrt of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

Gaming exists ONLY for money. There’s a reason why there are companies and not just random people making games.

(III EnVii III) #58

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(thesuicidefox) #59

LOL no more like they are just keyboard warriors that like to talk smack all during the game. I have a keyboard attached to my Xbox and I don’t write that much. If someone sends me a message during the game I also have the ability to just block them. No such option exists for game chat except to just turn it off completely.

Good assumptions though. You know what they say about people that ASSume right?

Also good to see you stalking me now in other threads. Guess you just want to be such a great role model for all those core players.

(thesuicidefox) #60

Then something about PC draws the most toxic from the community, because every time I’m in a game with a PC player they just constantly talk smack through in game chat, teabag and are generally just toxic a-holes.

Exactly what I said in my first post; the PC port was a cash grab. They did it to push the play anywhere program, not because they actually wanted to build a PC user base.