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My last thread on this subject ー Why do you turn crossplay off (Poll inside)


(III EnVii III) #21

Every cheater I’ve ran into is outside the EU - not saying others don’t exist but not seen a single one that’s EU based.

Having said that, I’ve ran into less than 10 cheaters since November.

And the majority of the 10 are the same guy who keeps making accounts.

So I wouldn’t on this account, turn off Crossplay if you play TDM or KOTH - especially in the EU region and even when I play US servers, they are there but not that often tbh.

This game is dead either way for us EU players and literally riding it out till Gears 5…

(FavouredPlane97) #22

They should remove crossplay all together,i believe it would solve a lot of issues mentioned here especially the cheaters.

(mike yaworski) #23

9/10 cheaters are Mexican. I know people are going to consider that racist (even though it’s objectively not). Cheaters are primarily Mexican for the following reasons:

  • There is a disproportional amount of Mexican players on the game overall
  • It seems to me that it’s a big part of their culture to care about ranks. And if you notice, most cheaters are actually boosting other accounts. I got a whole new perspective after joining the Gears Mexico Facebook page. Almost every post is a picture of rank. A lot of them are editing web pages to change their stats before screenshotting as well (I can tell by some artifacts on the screen). Compare that to the other (English?) Gears Facebook page and wow it is so different.

Everyone is different but I haven’t played Gears in weeks because a cheater ends my nightly run every time. I just can’t be bothered anymore. It’s probably fine on EU as you said, but it’s unplayable for me on US servers. I’ve grown tired of making cheater reports lol.

(mike yaworski) #24

Removing crossplay is essentially deleting Versus from PC. Cheaters aren’t that bad.

(dBadmanZ) #25

I’m on PC now and cheaters is the biggest reason why I believe people have cross play off is because of cheaters. I’ve ran into my fair share of cheaters maybe 1 cheater every couple of days. It’s not an automatic loss either it just becomes a very sweaty game lol. Also losing isn’t too bad either you meet an aimbotter online just mute him in game and you won’t have to play against him again(coward’s way out but you know). Their is alot of console players annoyed with the ranking system as you can see with the countless topics created and can’t imagine losing a match to an aimbotter. Oddly never seen a PC player complain about the ranking system. I don’t have a problem with the ranking system(probably because I achieved diamond 5). Bottomline if cheating is why people have crossplay off they should turn it on because it really isn’t that bad.

(Potato Boy 025) #26

I didn’t know you used these forums. Surprised you don’t remember me, you beat my 5 man and called us weirdos for camp and crossing lmao. You had my team shook though with those diamond camos.


I believe the map was reclaimed. It wasn’t my normal 5 man, just some dudes from LFG. All i remember was being pushed back to spawn pretty hard.

(hiivasieni) #27

PC players are very hardcore gamers (think of the machines they buy), so they are generally better gamers. You’re not going to have a PC gamer that got his PC for Christmas and decided to buy Gears 4 on the Windows Store lmao

There are hardcore gamers in consoles too, its nothing to do with the amount of cash you spend youre equipment. well i didn’t have my pc for xmas, and it aint superfast and super expensive but enough to play FFXV with high graphics. but i’m still not installing windows 10 just becouse of gears4 or even gears5 so i just play those one on xbox.

And i’m not hardcore player and i still have good pc, It’s kind of my hobby.

(Laaaaaancer) #28

Cheaters and sweaty 5 stacks.

(Im a BadmanZ) #29

I remember this game lol I was on a 5 man from LFG as well and you guys wouldn’t come out of spawn even though we weren’t pressuring you guys in your spawn which led me to call you weirdos lo.l

(GB6 Kazuya) #30

Fortunately, I have never encountered (or at least noticed enough for it to be problematic) someone using an Aimbot.

In my opinion PC Players possess no advantage whatsoever in any shape or form. I’ve seen multiple terrible PC players just as I have console players. Plus like @III_EnVii_III said, most PC players still play with a controller, which totally defeats the entire argument altogether.

(GB6 Kazuya) #31

Oh I certainly don’t. Most problems online in Gears primarily have always arisen from our fellow Gears Amigos…

(UniversalTuning) #32

I keep crossplay On simply because I want to support the Gears community and also I’ve never seen an incredibly skilled PC player I’m a strong believer that keyboard & mouse makes little difference in Gears Of War maybe it does in other shooters but this is Gears.

(TGLT Clutch) #33

I play on both platforms and have crossplay on. I also use controller on PC as well.

Playing Xbox with controller feels significantly different to playing with controller on PC 60fps and vsync due to the game’s input lag of 50ms on Xbox. Other than that there is no advantage that is capable of changing the outcome of a match(neither is the input lag but still)

I’ve played plenty of PC vs PC private matches with xbox equivalent settings and have had no issues. Even with the input lag on Xbox I would still say there’s no reason except cheaters to turn off crossplay.

Fov,fps(60+) doesn’t make a significant difference in how you perform.


GoW 4 xbox one additional 50ms input lag

Xbox players request TC to reduce additional input lag.
Everyone request TC to implement anti cheat system.

(xValtiel) #34

Ive had crossplay on when it was first introduced and turned it off very recently only due to the mass influx of cheaters. I just couldnt stand that anymore. And no this isnt me saying every pc player ive met cheats. I know when to call out cheaters and know when i just got bested by a great player. I just got sick of the nonsense.

(J4CKA1) #35

You must be very unlucky or I’m super lucky. I’ve only seen 2 that I know for a fact were using something to modify the game. 1 was blindfire killing people from across the map and the other was a headshot machine with a gnasher that had way too much range and the amount of headshots while that person and enemies were rolling, hiding in cover or sliding around, made it too obvious.

(mike yaworski) #36

Which modes do you play? And are you PC or Xbox?

(J4CKA1) #37

I’m not saying what you posted is not the case, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if there were tons out there.

Xbox, no crossplay, nothing but 2v2 lately to finish that up.

(Bjorn Greenaway) #38

pc gamers would get super pissed if there is a FPS limit and would boycott the game

(TGLT Clutch) #39

not really. But there’s no reason to limit the fps. Fps isn’t an advantage in this game from personal experience and others say the same thing As long ad you aren’t sub 50fps you’re good to go.

It just feels smoother and is easier on the eyes when you’re playing at higher refresh rates and fps

(Stoic Slab) #40

Confession: I’m one of those weirdos who likes the soap opera effect in my shows and movies.