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My last thread on this subject ー Why do you turn crossplay off (Poll inside)


(Potato Boy 025) #1
I’ve been beating this dead horse for awhile now and can already predict most of the answers I’ll get. With GoW5 around the corner I’m hoping TC has already come up with an idea to make players not mind crossplay besides xbox users having KBM now.

The current problems with crossplay and my opinion on how to fix them
There’s not much to say here, It’s honestly embarrassing that people can still get away with this undetected. Crack down on your defense and actively check if it’s working. I Assume this goes unnoticed because the PC minority is so small…

Keyboard and Mouse advantage
I Don’t blame TC for trying to fix this because people will complain regardless if xbox users can hook up a KBM and play. This still doesn’t single out the die hard GoW fans who have been using Controller since day 1. If you start GoW on PC with a controller on, your keyboard shouldn’t be able to take part in gameplay. Suddenly even playing fields!

Superior FPS
I’ve only heard someone bring this up once but I guess it could get annoying (or a reason to blame missing shots.)
Don’t really know how to fix this, maybe a hardcap on FPS? Not allowing the game to go higher than console does or something? Not sure how that would work, I’m not very technical…

Anyways another short intended thread ended up being very long. You’re on a forums, reading is the only thing you can’t complain about!

(III EnVii III) #2

FPS is one of those things, once you see the faster image, it’s hard to go back.

So I wouldn’t support a “hard cap”.

In all honestly, there aren’t many reasons to turn off Crossplay. The biggest would be cheaters but they are rare, especially in the EU.

K&B has never bothered me, I will always play controller myself.

Not much else to say on this.

(S Dot tha Don) #3

Nobody on Console wants to play against PC…
Dont be ridiculous man… PC full of Modders and Cheaters.

My PC Crossplay will always be set to -OFF-


I have played vs for over a year with Crossplay on, and I have yet to run into a cheater, except maybe once on social during a special event. Emphasis on “maybe”

(Fatalist Flames) #5

Aimbots would be my biggest concern over KB&M, FPS, FOV, etc…

If TC could control/curb that at a high rate, then I’d play with it on, if I even buy Gears 5.

(Stoic Slab) #6

I didn’t see an option for: “Gears was one of the few Xbox exclusives we had and you PC rats took that away from us!”


(Fatalist Flames) #7

Being honest here, I couldn’t help but read that in a “Tony Soprano” style of voice.

(Pro SoIo Player) #8

There’s a reason that most of the % of Diamond 5 players are PC players dude.
Superior advantage at aiming.

(Potato Boy 025) #9

How do you know this? Is there a chart I’m not seeing somewhere?

(III EnVii III) #10

LoL ok :clap:

No, it’s nothing to do with “superior aiming” - no such thing, but what does exist is SKILL.

It’s because the PC community is tiny and those players have stuck with the game through all the issues.

Plus, a lot of PC players come together and play private matches which means your playing agaisnt other top skilled players which makes you a better player.


Or, alternatively, you are the lone Xbox, Onyx 1 player, in a private match with several EU PC Diamond players. Meaning that you will be butchered mercilessly :joy:

(III EnVii III) #12

You enjoy it though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Pro SoIo Player) #13

I have met about 6 d5 PC players in socials and matches and only 3 non pc players
but it seems every pc player i meet is atleast diamond in 1 playlist

(III EnVii III) #14

Ah ok, confirmed then, by full stats via the entire population :+1:


Oh of course. It’s always a honor and a pleasure to play with such high skilled players, and to get tips and advice. And it was at that moment that I thought "Wow…there is whole other skill level l in Gears":joy:


By the beard of Darwin! You have convinced me with your irrefutable facts and statistics!

(III EnVii III) #17

Yeah, absolutely unquestionable evidence!

(Pro SoIo Player) #18

i don’t think even TC has those kind of stats of course I was going of personal experience

(III EnVii III) #19

That’s not the point but ok …

(mike yaworski) #20


  • I didn’t turn off crossplay, but if I had, these would have been the reasons…
  • For the last several months, aimbotters are rampant. I recommend leaving crossplay OFF if you play TDM or KOTH. Other modes are probably fine.
  • PC players tend to stack more and going up against 5-stacks when you’re solo queuing is just aids.

Xbox Solo Queuing

I play on PC now, but used to play on Xbox. I had crossplay on when I played Xbox.

Back when I was on the old toaster and solo queuing, the annoying part of playing PC players was just that most of them stack. And often times, PC players are very hardcore gamers (think of the machines they buy), so they are generally better gamers. You’re not going to have a PC gamer that got his PC for Christmas and decided to buy Gears 4 on the Windows Store lmao. The vast majority of Gears PC games are diehard fans that play a lot. So what you end up with is facing a stack of sweaty PC 5-stacks.

And to be fair to PC players, it’s equally annoying going against a 5-stack of tryhard Xbox players. I remember solo queuing Escalation a few times and hopelessly going up against the same full diamond 5-stack game after game. And that was a full Xbox lobby, so it’s definitely not just a PC thing. But perhaps it’s just a bit more common if you have crossplay on due. Same goes for solo queuing on PC - you’re going to match up against a PC 5-stack and it’s annoying to face 5-stacks.

TL;DR: 5-stacks are more common on PC and generally more tryhard than some of the casual Xbox 5-stacks


I don’t really care about small advantages like FPS, FOV and input lag. I consider those similar to having Scuf controllers, claw vs thumbs, monitors vs TVs, etc. I was very used to the Xbox toaster performance and didn’t feel at a disadvantage.


Yeah gonna have to retract some statements I made in the past. I used to claim that I never ran into a cheater and they are not common. It was true at the time, but it’s not true anymore. I’ve now ran into over 100 cheaters. I’m not exaggerating and I don’t make false accusations.

They were really bad a long time ago (I luckily never ran into any), then it slowed down, then it picked back up again. Now you have cheaters every dozen or so TDM games. Sometimes you run into different cheaters like 3 games in a row. It’s a small amount of cheaters but they are very active and constantly make new accounts even when they’re banned.

Recently, after TC killed KOTH for Diamond PC players, the only games I could get were TDM games. Every night ended with us running into a cheater and just getting off. It’s extremely stressful to beat a cheater, though most of the time we do beat them. Now that most PC players are being forced to play TDM (we used to play Escalation almost exclusively), we are being forced to play where the cheaters play (generally KOTH and TDM).

So yeah, cheaters are a huge factor right now for PC players. Xbox players with crossplay ON probably run into them much less than actual PC players, but it’s still annoying. Any Xbox players that play Escalation are probably safe from cheaters though because that’s just not where the cheaters play.