My last attempt to appeal to the community and have TC actually agree

First off, knowing “about or of TC” I know why Tc, wouldn’t want my last idea, since there’s only one complaint I see feasible,
even though I could also see how it could easily be overlooked since the complaint is about something I and alot of gears players wouldn’t care about, but then alot could too.

First heres the idea: (seperated into 2 paragraphs)
Make 2 tunings split with only one main difference, not the weapons and its recognizability. The speed of the movement; (which is unique to gears already)…

BUT THE FAST SPEED TUNING HAS EVERY BULLET ricochet and bounce of walls, except the shotgun itself.
While the slower speed tuning does not.

WHY I think this will solve TC’s concerns? Because I belive TC is concerned how the fast speed tuning may take away from every other gun except the shotgun, and as in their own words “have movement placing more consequential with each move you take” (paraphrase mine)
We need a fast and slow split tuning, that doesn’t make us worse at the either tuning with switching, and needs to feel like a gears game all around…

This is why if you want fast paced gears again, and if you like bullets or dislike bullets ricocheting, we must settle for this regardless. Because knowing TC, or “knowing of TC”, that is where this tuning falls on “death ears” so to speak. So I tried to communicate it in TC’s language. A language they’ll get or grab on to, or make them say “Now that’s what I’m talking about”.

There’s already a thread to give feedback for tuning…


I don’t wanna buy into the union tho

But this is my last attempt to appeal to TC.

@Aloha_its_Kyle, I don’t like that word either, (in this context) Changing it immediately upon request, and what not.

And you’re somehow more special than all the other players that disagree with the new tuning because why exactly?

If its like your last comment attempt ever on this game to appeal to TC, then it is to be seperated from the other thread so that it may be highlighted in bigger words so to speak, so that it doesn’t get lost for TC to read and only be transferred by someone from TC. Like the last words before this game is dead to you so to speak. Because the last words are more important than the former words so to speak and forever be remembered just because it is your last words no matter how lame they are.

An ending can make the game or ruin the game. (Mass effect 3) the ending of a book justifies the rest, because it is the finsh line, the ending and majority of the book so to speak is in the space between the beginning and end and the ending. Not so much the beginning, if the beginning or opening scene of the movie is lacking something then in substance an underdog story is made… just from the script alone and your expectations of the film. And how does the expression go “everyone loves an underdog story”?
Glad you asked

I appreciate the new title OP

Thanks my guy/gal… hopefully you appreciate the neutral title of “guess work”… “guess work”… not sure if I like that

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I must say it is redeeming having someone so careful with their words towards me.

Thank you, friend.

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No problem Kyle, stay/stick together and well put together my freind.

It’s you and me against the world, baby.

Thanks kyle my dear o’l freind. Lol on that note ill let you finish and have the last word; ending this back and forth phrase adornment of sayings, we somehow manage to pull off, from the start of sticking together a comment of cemented commitment (now too much to handle maybe maybe not) unless of course i somehow did in this sentence; neither the less its a good start and finish of celebration before I say “look out world here I come”. And so I’ll let you have this freundly 1 vs 1. (One of the best things in gears 3 btw)

PS; and so I hand the torch over to you and say goodnight and good tilthimgs for goodness sake. Peace love joy. Alright I’m done with that now lol you can finish it, or finish him like mortal Kombat. But for real that was like the perfect ending “its me against the world, baby.” And now I’m just starting to start a slow clap after the fact that everything now is overstayed welcome… feels like this message was like a mess of trying to hard lol, I was kind of aiming at something that bizarre though… wow I rymed

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