My Lancer heartbeat

the coallition. They did not give me the heartbeat and performed the twenty shots in the head. I want to know if they will give it to me ???

Did you claim it on the website?

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It’s like people have lost the ability to read or something. And challenge rewards have been delivered through this system for about 9 months now! :joy:

It would be way more convenient to have in-game claim/tracking. Relying on the achievements for events shouldn’t even be a thing.

It’s circumstances though. I recall from some of the developer’s streams that TC said when they when decided to give out more challenge based rewards they had trouble finding a system that worked within the confines of the game as it was (this was post-release). You might remember the first few challenge events like the Feral Swarm Drone ones back in early 2017 (Snow Leopard Swarm etc) which didn’t require logging onto the Gears site, but took ages for people to get the rewards cos TC had to do it manually and lots of people didn’t get their rewards due to a flawed tracking system. This current system is apparently the best they could create within the games limitations.

I’d hope that Gears 5 would be done in a way which allows a more streamlined method from the beginning.