My journey with gears 5

Some of the more older users here may remember me. I was that annoying (still am!) dude who joined the forums when Gears 5 launched.

That was almost 2 years ago, but it’s been a few days since Gears 5 turned 2 and I bought it (full price) at launch

When I had bought the game, I was 15 in my sophomore year of high school, now I’m 17 in my senior year.(might not be much to you ancient fossils on here) and life was different to what would come just a few months later

But that’s me. Now that we’re ending the end of new active support of Gears 5, I often think back to everything I’ve experienced in the game and the amount of joy this game brought me.

Gears 5 was my first at-launch gears game, as I didn’t have an xbox or a good pc when 4 launched. It has a special place in my heart. It’s my favorite gears game and I’m proud to say that. From the countless hours plopped in front of my computer, running the game on my old little GT1030 and grinding horde mode. The intensity of horde, the special abilities and the clutches I pulled off. I loved the halloween event, the christmas event. It all felt magical to me. I grinded every operation until like 4, that’s where I fell off, mainly because I was playing games my friends played. But I always wanted to go back, to jump right back in gears 5. It was a mixture of my computer’s specs (720p tv with a 1050ti mini, it ran the game fine but I ended up upscaling to 1080p so it wouldn’t look like a 360 game.) and the unstable-ness to the game. I could never hop on and feel the same, with gnashers and bouncing and the speeds and it became too much.

In my 2 years of being “involved” with a community for a franchise I’ve loved offline for a long time, I’ve learned that gears players don’t actually know what they want and are babies when it comes to playing. My biggest problem with this game is the lobbies, I’ll get a few good games once in a while. But most are full at first, then people start to leave because they’re losing because armored fahz has the mental capacity of a cow. Thing is, they’ll win, but it’s against brain-dead bots. There’s no fun in that AT ALL.

I want to spend the last of gears 5 active support life playing it, as it’s not that bad. It’s come a LONG way since the launch and I’m proud of the people who worked on it (except some figureheads) even if the game ate them up and spat them out

I love this game, it’s not perfect. But nothing is perfect and that’s something I realized with this game.
It has a special place in my heart, from the forum members I met, to the characters I fell in love with. It was a very special experience for me. I haven’t had many of those either.


You smell like Oscar’s underwear.

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Oof. I was in my senior year of high school when 5 released, and now am finishing my freshman year of college.

Time does fly (HS sucks btw. College is way better)

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And to think when I was in line for Gears of war 1 you guys couldn’t hold controllers.

Cheers to the greatest game ever made!

Long Live Guardian!!


I’m scared of that stuff, I want to major in computer science and I SUCK BADLY at math. Calculus is gonna beat me into the ground.

and @RedHulk1973 does crawling count?.. Do 2 year olds walk? I don’t know

DY/DX :wink:

(I don’t miss differential calculus either)

I do love math though.

I still needed permission from my parents to get the gears titles :rofl:

Long Live Guardian!!!

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Yes. Have to crawl before you walk. Have walk before you run. Have to fail before you succeed.

Never give up. Ever.

Long Live Guardian!!

Yeah. Arithmetic-algebra II is straightforward and relatively easy. But once you start getting into calculus things get a little dicey. Pre-cal was the only subject I got a B in in HS


Oh boy he is in for a treat when actual life calls.

Well it worked for me, always had 4s (I assume that’s a c or d in american) still did my college graduation in Computer Science.
They offered backup classes after School for people not so great in Math to get up to speed.
So I assume I wasn’t the only one with the problem.

As Software engineer now I honestly hardly ever needed math,

Depends on what you want to do in the end I guess.

Its so weird. Counting college and high school, you spend 16 years of your life preparing for the real world. And yet school is so far removed from how the world works that its laughable. The vast majority of majors aren’t practically helpful, some just look decent on a resumé. It just seems extremely inefficient to me, and I say this as someone who does really well in school and plans to go to grad school.


I feel ya my man.

Still haven’t finished Junior college to move onto a bigger one because I have to go back and actually pass a math class.

It’s tough, but I know I’ll get it. So will you.


Love the positive attitude Spargo :slight_smile:

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Hey, nothing wrong with a 1050ti, I just upgraded to that one this year, hah.

You’re gonna be all right nugget, you got heart.

I got my current job the year before Gears of War came out. You’ll get some perspective and once that happens, nothing will ever really surprise ya.

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This year…how much was it ? Just asking cause of inflated prices and all.

Frankly I never did believe it back then.
But School and College years tend to be (some of) the best of your life lol.

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Maybe you’ll laugh, but I bought a pre-built ibuypower PC for my son at Black Friday prices last year for $300, then when I saw how well it worked for all his gaming, I bought nearly the same PC, little bit better specs for $650 I think, through BestBuy. In Feb.

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I won’t laugh heh.
650 isn’t bad with a 1050 these days, things are just way overpriced.
I paid that much for my 2060 RTX, retail price should be about 200.
If you find a deal that suits you it is a good idea , especially now.

Hopefully things will change lol

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I have to suffer through it, I’ve been beaten down by administration in schools my entire life. It made me doubt my skills and give up too easily. I’m scared of college, but I’m throwing myself into it

I just have to work myself like a dog with math