My issue with tour of duty/Battle passes in games

Now there obviously better than loot boxes by a landslide you know what your getting so im willing to grind for the content but grind at my own pace so why are they timed i dont care if its 3 months or whatever i feel pressured to play if i want a certain item in time now i know some people are gonna try to defend this and say something like “these are for the hardcore gamers blah blah etc”. I been playing video games all my life but i never been the hardcore sweaty competive type gamer who goes for 100plus hours in a single week. But i want to able to unlock the content to but on my own time and so do a lot of other gamers so i say again willing to grind for the content but at my own pace so why are battle passes timed.

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100% agreed.
It’s why I don’t like the TOD system. The concept is great but these time limits are unnecessary. Why just add more to it over time.
I just getting tired of developers not respecting my time and in way deciding how much I should play their game in certain amount of time if I wanna unlock things.

Special events are cool and all but when timed unlocks are part of the basic unlock system, yea not thanks.


Yeah. I like special events for special rewards, but the “seasonal” aspect where I’m expected to play this specific game regularly for an extended timeframe isn’t a good feeling.

I have Control that I’d still love to play, and I just picked up Indivisible that I’m really enjoying, and there’s Smash Bros. and Street Fighter that I often play with friends. Most nights that I turn on Gears 5, it’s not because that’s the game I want to play, it’s because I feel like I need to maximize my time and earn rewards while I still can.

It burns you out on a game much faster than it has any right to. You need breaks.

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Exactly. I have been wanting to play other games for the last week already. However I know by the time I am done those, Operation 1 will be over.

Instead of being fun entertainment it starts to feel like work.

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Not to be flippant, but that’s the point.