My ideas/ thoughts on the new horde/ escape update

As the title says , this is something ive been thinking about for awhile since the carmine patch came out. Honestly i like both systems of horde in 4 and 5, but the lack of characters and the character locks are disheartening when i am playing, so hopefully this is something that can spark and idea for the coalition to keep in mind as they work on this new overhaul. Also i am not a horde veteran, i just play the mode casually.

Ps all these ideas will have no more character locking in mind.

Integrating ults and classes
One way i thought about working though both problems is having the characters keep their ults and passives but be able to switch classes , for instance if you are marcus you will still have living legend but can be an engineer and repair/upgrade fortifications . This would also let you keep some character specific cards(like jd’s daddy’s boy) for instance. and in my mind be the easy medium but comes with a problem, people would be able to spam jd artillery while being engineers , or any other characters for that matter , which leads to my second idea.

You like del’s kit but you love being baird, with this one you would be able to switch characters kits around with each other to mix and match. For instance im playing jd but my group needs and engineer. I would put engineer kit 2 (bairds cards and passive/ult) on so that i would have a deebee ult but be able to fortify our base while still keeping my character. losing the personalization of character but bringing the most custom experience in my book . But last but not least …

4 horde style
Gears 4 horde style would completely take away the hero system, but would allow the coalition to add more ults, cards, and class specific things a lot easier. Most characters in the game already have a semblance or straight up class skills in there kits already( Kait’s camo or faz’s xray being straight from the scout class if i remember correctly). No more worrying about character specific things but losing out on all the personality perks.

I hope i was able to get my point across and let me know which ones you guys like more. Thanks for reading and have a nice day .

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I respectfully disagree. That’s not now the class system work in this game and all other games that utilizes the class system.

You are asking to change decades and decades of class design wisdom.

In what way may i ask ?

Examine the games you’ve played and the answer will be apparent. Borderlands, Apex Legends, Halo Wars, Destiny, Mass Effect, Black Ops.

Very true, i would agree to a certain extent that you are correct in keeping character and classes well together has been in all those games, but mass effect for example uses the style of making your own character and choose your class for that campaign. Not only that, in the next game they allow you to change your class from the previous game. Gears of war 4 allows you to pick a class for horde with the character you want to play, and after it doesnt lock that class to that character forever. Borderlands yes is a hero shooter but your not tied down to just one playstyle, you have 3 to choose from and you still keep your ult, and you can mix and match whichever you feel fits what you wanna play. For example, in borderlands 2 , the character maya has one ult, it holds people in place, and she has 3 skill trees that change up the way she plays, if i want to be a healer, i go down the harmony tree, if i wanted to be a more of a damage dealer, go down cataclysm, and if im feeling like messing with my opponents , go motion.

Granted you could say my examples for each aren’t in a horde like fashion or no where near gears except my one for 4, but each example i have given is a representation of each idea implemented in each game. limitations are there yes, but change needs to be made so those systems can stay fresh and innovative.

I’ve been mostly talking about removing the heroes system and keeping the cards so the devs get breathing room for once.

That’s where my head is when it comes to classes or a kit system, taking cards for jd like officers prerogative and putting it into a kit with artillery or a soldier class, granted i realize now that i didn’t add that part to the ideas lol.