My Ideal Gears of War 6

Just for the heck of it I thought I would give my two cents on the direction I want Gears of War to take, I’m not going to ask for pie in the sky fantasy based wants or desires, everything I ask for is pretty straightforward and doable. I want a Gears of War title that is made for GOW fans, I don’t want a Battle Royale of Duty Legends RPG or whatever game, I want a game that builds on everything that Gears 4/5 set up and expands on it in interesting ways.

Campaign: I remember back in 2006/2007 one of the main criticisms with Gears of War 1 (yes, I’m old :pleading_face: ) was that it’s Singleplayer was too short, but I would argue that Gears 5 was simply wayyyy too damn long. Having a game with a bunch of fluff that takes you hundreds of hours to complete nowadays really isn’t the selling point it used to be, nowadays all people really want is quality over quantity. The longer you make a story the more difficult it is to make it engaging and interesting, it also takes far more time to actually make (its why most RPG’s take like 5 years to make, takes them eons to write all that stuff, voice acting and everything) so with this I personally want a nice short Gears 6 Campaign, I’d rather The Coalition make it memorable/fun instead of just a really long and boring affair.

Horde: I may be a bit biased here but in my opinion Gears 4/5 had amazing Horde modes, so much so that I think TC have nailed the formula and although I expect some tweaks (balancing changes obviously) I think the overall principle of having different classes for Horde is awesome. Want to be a support player? you got Medic/Jack. Want to be a builder? Engineer, etc. It allows for tons of replayability and depth so I hope that TC are smart enough to realize when they’ve struck gold.

Versus: As someone that’s been playing Gears from the beginning (okay, I really got into it in 2007, you 06 fans are free to bash me :pensive:) I do fully appreciate the PvP in GOW historically, its a unique mode where everyone starts off on equal footing, probably the only other game besides maybe Halo where that’s a thing. So I want them to just keep a traditional Versus mode (put very little effort into it) but I also really think that they need to offer a new MP mode to keep things interesting.

Overrun: As much hate as GOW: Judgement got over the years, I find it funny that basically everything that it did has been copied later on, one small step for Gears one giant leap for Gearskind :joy:

The reason that an Overrun type mode is the most logical direction I could see them going is 1. Because it fits the series and makes sense and 2. It has loads of potential.

The biggest difference I think they should make is that they need to make Overrun work on regular maps, so instead of them making these huge maps that are only made for Overrun (which takes tons of extra time/resources from everything else) they make it so it fits perfectly into a regular map. The way I see it going is you just set up the fabricator like you do in Horde, then you build the base you want to build, and the opposing enemy team (Locusts, Swarm, Deebee’s, whatever) has to breech it and destroy the fabricator. No need for different ‘stages’ like in GOW:J, no need for these huge and time consuming maps. So the goal is to have this really intense 20 minute match (1-2 minutes to set up defenses, they then have maybe 8 to break through) where the team that is better at defending/attacking wins.

The most complicated and challenging part of this is that it requires tons of thought/effort as balancing would be a huge focus, now its pretty simple what the Locust/Swarm or whatever would have available, so in terms of overall balancing you just make it so the defenders have an actual chance and it should be fine.

To sum up how I see Overrun I see the defensive side being extremely similar to Horde and the offensive side being similar to Beast, the value of having a system like this where there is a mode that works sort of like a bridge from PvE to PvP is profound.

Beast: I see zero reason why a Beast mode would be difficult or out of the question, only real issue with this is that you (TC) would have to actually set up a specific fab location/defenses and whether you go with how Beast once was where the objective was to kill COG or go with new goal of destroying Fabricator. It would realistically extend map creation by 1 week, initial playtesting in Overrun (which is what you would probably test) would tell you (TC) where to set up fab and everything.

Additional content/DLC: I think what people want/expect is very straightforward. People wants mapz, they want characters, they want classes. The beauty of having Overrun/Beast/Horde mode is that basically any time you had 1 class it’ll go into 2/3 different modes, every time you add 1 map it’ll be playable in 4 different modes (instead of the current 2 for example) so on paper even though you would be adding the same amount it would be more meaningful and have a greater impact on the community.

So to explain it, if they add a COG class/character (they may decide to go back to coupling them together btw), they could put it into Overrun/Horde and maybe Beast (assuming it has a flexible system), whereas if they decide to add a Lambent type class it’ll also go back into those modes. The reason I think this is clever is that it means very little in terms of wasted resources, you won’t see them decide not to add new classes 6 months or so after release, depending on how complicated they decide to make each class they could make loads of them.

Conclusion: I want Gears 6 to be the Gearsiest Gears game ever Gearsed, the Ultimate, the Alpha and the Omega, the tie that binds us all together and gives us something to complain about for a decade :joy_cat:

Credits: @dannyjo22 for converting me to Judgementism, @SNAKEYWAKEY389 for his spreadsheets, @Sashimi7699 for his friendship, @LeonSandwich for his spot on Keegan impression, and maybe I’ll add @Thundy_The_Pony because Ponies.


I’m still slightly annoyed that 1 person in a team of bots was able to keep a 5 man team at bay just because he was spamming the Booshka. If Overrun ever returns I really do hope they take balance into consideration, because that was atrocious spam last night.

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"Everything’s a joke to you! "


so i come back to the forum because ponies


Well the Booshka has basically no weaknesses as a weapon, I know that I kind of got some pushback for saying it was very similar to the Buzzkill but I still think that’s a fair opinion.

Essentially, there are 0 ways to block a weapon that can hit you behind walls, you can play with the sweatiest teams in KOTH and you best believe that they’ll still get hit by Buzzkills being able to dodge 10 super fast projectiles that bouncing against walls is basically impossible.

Fighting games typically value characters that “uncounterable” because basically no matter how good you are those characters can still wallup you in the hands of an expert, the Buzzkill and Booshka are very similar to that I would say.

Regardless, balancing for a mode like Overrun is probably the number 1 priority/difficulty with Gears 6 assuming they go that route.

The only other route I can realistically see them going is if they shoot COG soldiers into space in search of a new home, something crazy that would set up next installments but I seriously question how much longer MS want to keep making Gears titles, lower ROI with every installment is kind of a bad thing for game devs.

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I’m honestly only in it for the PvE these days. I hope they’re more liberal with content in 6, as in allowing weapons, enemies and characters from all the games.

Adhering to current game canon blows, considering most of the interesting things from the legacy games were either not considered or watered down.

My ideal Gow6 — launches with Classic Baird and SK.


Now go forth and spread the word on the best Gears. Never played with this guy but we could be brothers :wink:

They made some bad COG V COG choices but on the whole I’d rather play Judgement PVP than any other that went before. Anyway some points I agree with on your roadmap, some not so much…

Campaign: One of the biggest criticisms of Gears single player was the on rails set piece to set piece until the music ends. After playing Gears 5, I’d rather go back to that and why the DLC is my fav bit of Gears 5 SP. Going half in with open world never really works and for me I was left flat. I’d like to go back to how it was before.

Horde: It is pretty much there as far as I’m concerned, tiny niggles and things I would like but nothing major.

Minor wishes:

Non symmetrical maps.
Spawn with two non heavy weapons of your choice, the locked weapons is pointless we all know the workaround.
Where you put the fab the taps will start spawning from the nearest spot and move outwards, to allow proper base building out to taps and not lock you to the usual spots.
20-25 wave option. About an hour is perfect for me.

Versus: Let it die. It’s done in it’s current format and it would be done if it was OG gears or Gears 2 or 3. No one in any numbers want’s to play that ■■■■ anymore. They blat through the campaign and move on to far more interesting games. As long as this game stays around one weapon it’s dead.

I personally would prefer they built on arcade or judgement. Balance the weapons and let you pick your load out. Add classes in a Overwatch hero type system so that being Kait or JD or Marcus meant something. Add another tactical element with a hero system/ultimate.

If gears 6 releases with the best tuning ever and is purely a CQ gnasher game in 3 months everyone will be looking for answers why no one wants to join us playing the same old turd again.

Over run/Beast : Totally agree with you, this and or Beast mode will be in Gears 6. A middle ground between PVE and PVP. I will be sad that Escape gets cut but it’s just not popular enough for the amount of upkeep the mode requires. I don’t think people like that you are even Carrying or being Carried. It’s only high level you find that evens out in my experience.

Other: I want a game that doesn’t require waiting for all the characters for 2 years. I don’t think I can take another Gears with people complaining Dom wasn’t day one. I’d be happy if this was a season pass type game like Fortnite and had continued content that didn’t have to be re-rolled every 3 years.

Please don’t waste resources on a Marcus Fenix collection, that game play the general public already decided years ago was crap, re-pushing it isn’t worth the time. Not to mention whichever tuning you used would have half the players whinging it wasn’t authentic. Simply don’t waste your time, that ship sailed and was sunk.


I honestly quite agree with you

Especially about the campaign oml it’s so insanely long, almost makes you not wanna play it.

But my biggest grievance with the campaign was the fact that Kait, a corporal, was barking orders at a Sgt (Marcus) and a hecking CAPTAIN.

I don’t like the fact that the story is just the most ideal it can get, I don’t want ideal I want a story lmao

That wasn’t the criticism for Gears 1, now Gears 2/3 on the other hand had loads of them. on-the-rail segments can be fun/interesting if done really well but I agree that less is more in that regard.

PvP community absolutely despise asymmetrical maps (RIP Hail :pensive:) however I think the focus shifting away from traditional PvP to a class based PvP mode (Overrun) does sort of free them up creatively in that regard, but regardless I don’t symmetry is what makes or breaks maps.

Gears 6 is meant to follow up on Gears 4/5, although I understand this sentiment, for consistency purposes I feel that Gears 6 needs to offer a traditional Versus mode, maybe they add back some basic loadout options (like in 3) but I don’t feel that them spending months of playtesting with a bunch of different loadouts is worth it in the end.

You know me Danny, I couldn’t care less about what my doll is wearing, why people think that cosmetics are this holy grail of game design is beyond me. Fans say they want tons of skins yet they don’t want to actually pay for them, so in TC’s/MS mind they are a waste of time.

I think modern games have completely warped the minds of the current Gears players into thinking that cosmetics=content but in my mind they mean nothing.

Edit: Basically like 80% of the skins that fans could ever hope for have already been done in GOW4/5, it’ll be easier for them to just churn them out on the regular.

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Where do you see Escape fitting in to things going forward, Bluejay?

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Great question :smiley:

TC had high hopes for Escape in Gears 5, now I don’t know the exact amount of time it took them to make each Escape map but best believe that cumulatively they could have probably made 2-3 new regular 4v4/Horde maps, so basically the only way I can see them adding it back into Gears 6 is if they create a system where everything is procedurally generated (sort of like what you see in Roguelikes as an example)

Game companies like to just throw darts at a wall and hope some of them land, Escape unfortunately did not. It simply takes too many resources without any real ROI for them to keep it in Gears 6 I would imagine.

Even if you were to poke holes in my theories/speculations about GOW6 the reality is that no sane person would assume they’ll keep it going forward, reminds me of Spartan Ops in Halo 4 lol, would’ve had to of been 5x more popular/loved to have any real future in the series.

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Thank you. Thank you. Yes. And Amen.


You absolutely lost it in the “DLC/Updates” part.
New classes? Yaaaaay , let’s destroy this game’s balance even further!
Look at those huge moba craps like LOL or Smite.
Every single time a new HERO is released , the balancing of the game goes FAQ itself.
The new hero becomes the meta. His very counters become the meta.
This is a deathwish for Gears.
I played Judgement a lot. Like , really a lot.
The starter 8 Locust were enough , I never asked for any more , because it was a COMPLETE mode.
Lack of maps aside , Overrun was ready when Judgement launched. You just can’t say the same about 5.
Also , 4/5 Horde formula is terrible with all that yellow crap on the ground.
As always , it kills the immersion. But looks like TC gives two Flying craps about immersion.
They just want :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::dollar::dollar::dollar:

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Are you referring to energy as the yellow crap?

I wish they were to keep it, its such a cool mode and it’s their first “new mode” while handling gears.

My ideal gears of war 6

Gears of war 3 remastered


The problem with 5’s campaign is the skiff. It’s just a point A to point B mechanism that quickly became very unappealing and made the “open world” utterly pointless.

  • If the devs want an open world - give us something to fight against in that world. Driving to points of interest is no fun if there isn’t anything to be had in the journey. It might as well just be a loading screen.

  • If the devs want to have side missions/optional objectives, I would rather they do it like GoWJ. Have an interactive object in the environment or just a conversation with a NPC. “Would you like to help out this camp of people or keep on mission?” essentially. This keeps the flow of the game in tact and means you can experience the campaign how you want without it creating filler time just to reach side missions if you choose to do them.

Riding around in snow/sand for 3 minutes at a time with absolutely nothing to fight on the skiff was by far the worst gameplay aspect of the campaign in 5.

This is just a big to do in todays games. I just want to play as characters I have played with for over a decade now and just because a new title is released in the series, I don’t see why that means customization has to go back to square one as it did in Gears 5.

I understand the devs want/need to make money and skins are the easiest way to do that. But if Gears 6 releases, what is their excuse this time for having to resell classic characters? The game is hyper detailed and everything in the coding of characters for Gears 5 should presumably transfer right into Gears 6’s coding (assuming it still runs on the same engine and even then I don’t see all the work in the current Unreal Engine becoming obsolete in the newest engine). They are going to be reselling the same characters again with minimal work to “create” those characters again (some for a 3rd time)?

From a business perspective, reselling the same skin…a meaningless appearance change in the grand scheme of it all…every few years doesn’t seem like a way of creating additional revenue, rather the opposite. It creates a wedge between you and loyal gamers that means you lose paying wallets with it.

Providing players with the opportunity to maintain (at least base characters/some weapons) of their legacy skins and creating BRAND NEW skins for players to purchase means you create a goodwill with the player base by giving them their collection from the prior entry and new reasons to keep buying content.

Like it or not, that is why Fortnite is the beast it is in terms of revenue stream. They have not made a “Fortnite 2”. They have new skins being added and it just keeps expanding the collection…and because that game really has no lore behind it, they are able to just plug n play with dozens of big name brands that just creates even more revenue for them. Gears can expand the collection, but plug n play of other brands is definitely harder because it has lore behind it that limits the scope of what “guest” franchises can make appearances and not be scolded.


It doesnt, I had to wait like a whole year to be able to play as Dom, at least back in gears 4 I was able to play as Commando Dom. Hes not my favorite version of him, but I had something. The same goes with alot of other characters, this passing off of “new characters” is so cheap and unimaginative that it is driving players away.

As for the campaign itself, I have hope in the open world idea. It can totally work, Act II for me was a lot of fun, the skiffing aspect isnt a bad idea but it just becomes skiff simulator and like you said

I hope in the next game, they try to expand on the open world aspect. Let us customize our vehicles and give us the option to drive an eco friendly armadillo, or a centaur, or a KR. And yk some old locust war era cities and more interactive things to do.

This is a reasonable concern, however I don’t think balancing is all that difficult assuming you have developers that understand the mechanics well. 1. We know what the Swarm/Locust/whatever side will have available, we also know that the COG/Deebee side will have fortifications so basically they balance the Defenders around the Attackers and it should be A-OK.

I don’t really understand/know anything about LoL/Smite but I imagine a mode similar in principle to what is seen on R6:S where its about strategy and setting up a good defense, comparing it to those other games is weird because they aren’t shooters.

Adding new classes is probably easier then rebalancing existing ones I might add, we’ve seen this even in Gears 5 be a real headscratcher where no matter what TC does to Demo they’ll always be OP so I think if they get the original classes (classes only really apply to COG side btw, Locust/Swarm are just going to be what we’ve seen so far) balanced properly it should be very straightforward to add more classes.

I mean you can say that, but there is zero evidence that TC’s horde mode hasn’t been a huge success, now aside from all the people on my friendlist that still play it I still enjoy it myself, its been a year and a half IIRC so if a mode remains interesting that long to high level players then it means its a great mode basically.

@The_lMlan I think all this trash talk about the skiff section to be kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, the reason Gears 5’s campaign feels long and boring is because its long and boring, Gears 1’s SP could be finished in like 6 hours, Gears 5’s I’m not even sure how long it is lol (easily two days to finish it) so when you think about that massive gap in time difference you understand how difficult it is to make a longer campaign just as interesting as the much shorter one. RPG’s struggle with this all the time where they have a few really amazing quests but overall its very challenging to make a huge SP into an interesting and enjoyable experience. Gears 6 should be 6-8 hours long and should leave us (the fans) wanting MORE after it is over with, that is what I want ideally from it anyway.

In regards to cosmetics (or skins as you put it) I personally don’t care about them too much, I highly doubt they make anywhere close to the amount of money they put into making them (yes there are a few people that actually buy stuff with money but I bet very few) so from a business point of view as long as they make a decent profit I couldn’t care less about whatever costume they make for my action figures.