My idea on earning iron

So the lack of earnable iron is kind of sad…so What I think TC can do about it is simply award iron in several different ways. Stars in ToD can award iron based on objective, i.e, daily stars equal 10 iron, so 3 star objective gives 30 and so on, double it for Saturday’s double star event. Medals based on how many stars awarded give 100-200. ToD iron awards are doubled, so say for major general III instead of 250 gives 500. Playing ranked could give players anywhere from 10-200 based on performance, consecutive matches and/or wins, and of course your tier. Going all 50 waves of horde could give anywhere from 10 (beginner) to like 120 (master) or something like that im not gonna do the math sorry lol. Escape could be similar to horde. Quickplay/arcade can give a reduced ammount for consecutive matches/wins/performance as well. I honestly would be ok if they even added a daily or weekly cap to how much iron you can earn these ways. I really don’t see any reason why TC can’t or couldnt implement any of these suggestions. What are your thoughts to my idea?

I earn mine with a job.

Because if they did that, the monetary value of every item could be calculated. That, and then they wouldn’t get your $5.

I wish something like this could be in the game, but it won’t. The devs don’t want it and believe it or not, a portion of the fanbase doesn’t either.

Yeah I already know, but a man can dream haha. I got no real issue with the store outside of the limited time frame you have to purchase content, $5-10 for a skin seems a bit steep, but I honestly seen worse in other games. TC made it seem like purchasable content would be optional not forced, bit disappointing when you grind hard for something that should be unlocked easier, like beating the act the skin appears in on the highest difficulty ( like Raam for gears 3 of im not mistaken). And the fact that iron is hardly earnable at all.

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