My Honest Issues With Gears 5

I wanted to point out a handful of things that have bothered me and what I think can fix it with Gears 5. Let’s start with the smallest issues: Campaign.
-the campaign itself is great and a lot of fun, however. I’ve noticed every now and again Del’s A.I. specifically will glitch out or get stuck on something,

-the game is much more buggy when playing through the co-op campaign. I’ve noticed I get stuck a lot when sliding down those ice mounds/ramps.

Most of my issues come with multiplayer, so this is where the problem and solution come into play. Let’s start with the biggest issue.

-LACK OF MAP DIVERSITY. At the moment, there are four more maps than can be added into rotation that are already installed with Gears 5: Foundation, Reclaimed, Harbor and Forge. I’m not saying that we should only play Gears 4 maps, but at least throw them into rotation to allow for some diversity in choosing maps instead of making the current maps grow stale until December (when we get new maps). I’ve only seen Exhibit, Asylum, Icebound, Vasgar, Training Grounds and Bunker, where more than 80% of matches take place on either Training Grounds, Exhibit or Asylum. I would at least put the Gears of War 4 maps into rotation to allow for a better map selection.

  • the hammer (forgot it’s actual name) is, in my opinion, a bit too strong. At least considering how far away you need to be to be completely unscathed. I do also understand if you are to the side or behind the person, the effect is nowhere near as strong, but I’ve been downed and killed through multiple barriers. Specifically on Exhibit. Just a small reduction in the effectiveness range would be great.

  • an issue with jumping over cover to kick opponents. On a handful of occasions, someone had run up and tried to jump over cover, since expecting this, I’ll step out of the way or run around the cover. For some reason though, I’m pulled back into cover and kicked even though I am out of their path and usually too far to even consider being kicked. I would just rework the animation if possible so it can be more consistently dodged instead of glitching back into the animation.

  • lancer and gnasher weapon tunings. Overall, not much of an issue. In TDM and non Escalation game types, I’ve noticed the Lancers are, in my opinion too strong, however, it’s core and to be expected, so I can play around that. However, I do think the gnasher, in all game types should get a small distance buff, instead of having to be RIGHT ON TOP of the person to get a consistent chunk. Most recently I’ve found I am consistently getting 95-97% damages when I was pretty sure it should have been a chunk. A slight damage/distance buff would be great, but to Gears 4 status where you could down people from across the map.

-unfair rank percentage/progress. I have noticed, that when going positive in kills and winning the match (talking about TDM), I will only move up 3-7% at the very most. Which takes forever to rank up and if I lose, I usually lose 8%+ I would just like more rewarding victories for everyone who is at least positive in K/Ds instead of having to get MVP to rank up at a decent rate.

-weapon placements in Escalation. For awhile, I had an issue with the respawns, fearing people would play for kills instead of the Obj, however, it hasn’t become as big an issue as I expected. One thing that has become a huge issue, especially with the 5 respawn pairing is that both teams can place weapons wherever they want every round. By round 6, there are 12 weapon selections (including disabling, etc.). Which I feel creates too much. I feel that allowing both teams to place weapons wherever they want every round creates a clutter and motivates players playing for kills instead of the Obj. For example, one player putting down drop and the other team putting down boom results in two game changing weapons being placed in one round. I much more prefer the Gears 4 option of losing team picks with the double placements (home hills and such from GoW 4) than this weapon placement. At least with the way they have set up respawns in gears 5. If it weren’t for respawns, the weapons wouldn’t quite be as big an issue. To fix this, I would resort back to the Gears 4 weapon placement methods

-I’ve also noticed the servers are buggy, kicking players with solid internet and then immediately throwing us into a match where we can’t back out and pick up the player that was kicked from the squad. Not sure exactly what would fix this considering I’m only speculating that this is on the server’s end, not the players internet, but it could be a mixture of both or just completely the internet. This one is only speculation.

These are my issues with Gears 5. Obviously most of them are multiplayer based and only the things I feel are wrong with the multiplayer experience. I think if these were all fixed, the game would be a better experience and encourage the veteran players and die hard fans to actually play Gears 5, considering I know most returning players are unhappy with the multiplayer experience. I’d love to hear your own issues or discussion in this thread, but let’s try to keep it a discussion, not an argument


Unfortunately honesty doesn’t get this game fixed. TC can care less. They have messed up the Gears franchise since Gears 4 (which still has many problems). It’s the reality and it sucks for us.