My god the skiff is boring

Third time round on campaign and my god floating around vast empty areas on that dam skiff has gotten old really fast. Its just so lifeless and boring like actually boring. The long slog back to the airport in act three I was falling asleep. Not a fun way to open up your game. Going back to it act 1 and 4 are a lot more fun to play especially in split screen.

I love Gears but their vehicle levels have always been not so good.  They need a fun vehicle  like a warthog that is fun to drive.  Just my opinion.

Skiff is dumb af

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I was actually looking forward to the open level segments, but it wasn’t really just doesn’t belong in a Gears game. Looks nice, visually speaking, but slows down the gameplay too much, and after how good Act 1 was, it just takes a step backwards.

Agreed. Theyre just empty space. Completely unnecessary.

i didn’t like that part of the campaign and the fact they doubled down on the skiff.

there was nothing cool about it in my opinion.

i read a bit of the previews for the game and they were saying gears 5 had some RPG elements to it, but i didn’t think it would be boring travel lol.

i didn’t like having to walk slowly in the village. for what? skiff skiff skiff. for what?

the campaign also featured repetitive actions with jack, it was so tedious at times.

Long slog? It takes like 45 seconds to sail from one end of the map to the other. If you just want to rush to the next mission like previous Gears games, it’s generally even faster than that.

People will moan about literally anything these days. Its just a vehicle to get you from A -B. Takes no more than a minute each time you use it. I don’t think its great, but its not something to raise a big issue about.

I think the open areas were TC hedging their bets, seeing how players would respond to an open world feel. Not that it’s really open world necessarily, but it’s not linear. My opinion it was less about “let’s be open” and more about “let’s not be linear” but they didn’t want to go all in and make it truly open. It’s kinda like a tester to see if they should expand on it for the next game. Which I think they should, because personally I loved it and thought it really worked. It was good immersion. Maybe I’m weird, but I’d actually love a straight up RPG of Gears but I know that won’t happen, nor do I think that’s what GoW6 should be.

The only thing I didn’t like was that all of the extra objectives were located on the outskirts of the map and once you did take advantage of the more open world, what you found was linear missions.

I feel like if they had random groups of enemies that spawned in the open areas it would make it feel less empty. Or random events where you have to defend survivors or something. Right now the open areas are just used to add “artificial” length to campaign, and a few jack upgrades.

Gears of war should have a separate entity as an rpg and dive into something like the pendulum wars. I’d love a carmine story with him as main character, though I personally am not a fan of C Carmine he looks goofy imo