My gears 5 won't load

my gears 5 shows the anti-cheat splash screen, then the gridiron splash screen, then the ice title video but after this, is gears 5 closes and goes back to desktop.
when i try loading gears 5 again, it says there was a problem, redirects me to the store and says i need to re-install to repair which i have done numerous times now to no avail.
my windows and gears are both up-to-date.

any ideas?

Take it as a sign.


i can’t, gears is the ONLY game i enjoy playing, i have played EVERY instalment of gears and love the game.

i need a fix to this to get it working again.

i have also tried in uninstall and a re-install, but the download is not even 800Mb which seems a little small for the entire game

When was the last time you cleared the Cache, or Hard reset your Xbox One. Might be worth considering. But before you do this, check the game again, if you still have problems, uninstall, wipe the Cache and Hard Reset.

Clear Cache…
Go into Settings, you will find it by pressing the Xbox Button and it is in Profile and System.
Go to Device and Streaming,
Go to Blu-Ray,
Go to Persistant Storage, clear Persistant Storage Three times, back out,
Got to General,
Go to Network Settings,
Go to Advanced Settings,
Go to Alternative Wireless MAC Address and Clear, then Restart.

This clears your Cache and is also known as a Soft reset.

A Hard Reset is just…
Hold the Xbox On and Off Button (on the Console) till it shuts down, then unplug and wait for 30 seconds or more. Before you plug the Xbox back in, makes sure the Bricks light is out, if there is Power still in the Brick, obviously there is power. You want the Xbox to be off completely.
Plug back in, switch on and Hard Reset complete.

If i remember rightly, the Soft Reset is hardly done anymore, it is easier to just switch off, unplug and make a cuppa.

Try these. If Gears does not work after this, then the Universe is telling you something.

I think this is PC correct?

@Killzone - yes, i am on PC

@UselessatHalo - i am not using xbox, i appreciate the advice, but that doesn’t work with my problem

You tried the usual fixes? Like restarting PC and then launching the game?
Also what method are you using to uninstall/reinstall? I have it via gamepass so I use that application for my installs etc

@Killzone73649 my PC has been restarted numerous times and i have purchased gears 5 so i did a complete uninstall and re-install and also tried a reinstall fix via the store.
i have also tried numerous other “fixes” from gears5 support but that didn’t work either
i am getting to my wits end trying to get this fixed, the frustration is immense as i have limited time to play the only game i play