My gears 5 won't launch offline

I recently just lost connection and when I tried to start up Gears 5 my Xbox says, for this game you need to be online. Why? I actually bought the game. Yes, this is my home Xbox, Gears of War 4 still works, Devil May Cry 5 still works, and so on. Anyway can someone please explain? I hope it’s not because I bought the ultimate edition. Thank you

It is because somebody decided that games as a service with loads of microtransaction was a good idea. Gears 5 is online only and will most likely stay that way unless the game developers pull their heads out of the game publishers butts and tell them no this service thing is not working.


Bug on Microsofts side probably. Restart the console and you’re probably fine.

Is sad most games are using this model, I hate It.
On PC, the Steam version of this game is playable offline only the campaign and LAN versus but with major issues like characters and weapon skins missings on lobby, is one of the main issues with this game, along with not being able to play Horde offline which is horrendous.
Next Gears game must be available to play offline no matter what crap they put later, I just don’t care, I just want to play when I want and not being dependent of Internet, games never needed internet to work in first place, it always was a plus to connect with friends, not to force users to even play alone.

Still not working when I restarted