My Gears 5 wish list

  1. The return of Imago, but he’s aged and is now an angsty teenager. He’s got skinny jeans, acne, and a backpack! Go get em champ!
  2. An easter egg weapon that looks like a normal gun, but the sound effects have been replaced with Rod Fergusson making the noises with his mouth! “ga-ga-ga-ga-ga kerplunk clunk zoop”
  3. Dances! No more flicking sticks and power squatting walls, ive gotta thrash with class. I can picture it now: “OMG, hes doing the charleston on their home hill! THE DISRESPECT, THE DISRESPECT.”
  4. Colourblast! Gears 4 had a good initial showing with colourblast, but developed the collection poorly. I dream of a game with a colourblast variant of every character and animated colourblact weapon skins!

I didn’t think Imago could be more of a troll character but I gotta hand it to you Teady, you found a way.

TC, make this happen and I will just mail you my wallet.


Glitter gun as a boomshot variant please.

Rofl!!! Love the suggestions. If they do it it’s like shut up and take my money TC

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Some of the worst trolling ideas I have ever seen on this forum next to the guy always asking for every skin in the game to come back in every thread he makes

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Dancing fo sho!! That’s a great idea. It’s in other games I play. When I come back to gears and try to dance I’m like oh yeah I can’t :disappointed_relieved:

I do hope crossplay is carried over as well, really hoping to play through the story with my friend.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes to all of this! Especially the easter egg weapon, I love it!

And I hope I can buy the physical copy and still get the digital copy for pc… but lately i’m starting to understand why I wouldn’t.