My Gears 5 thought

I love gears but after 3 I never played the campaign just went straight to online that being said something feels different about the aiming with the shotgun or maybe it just me but in gears 4 I was getting kills a lot easier with no aim . I hope they bring back 2 v 2 and some free gears 1 and 2 maps for the holidays ! :sweat_smile: besides that the game looks nice as usual and getting it with game pass is a blessing . My biggest complaint though is the matchmaking time is too damn long and sometimes takes even longer when people back out so it make me think did the tech test even help
Also does anyone like myself believe every character should have a unique perk like one has faster movement but takes more damage and hold less ammo , another can hold more ammo but moves slower and another can have quicker aim but less of a screen when aiming and someone can have more grenades but has to give up a weapon ?? Lol I know it sounds crazy but I think it’s good to think outside the box once in awhile to make the franchise grow and stay fresh just my opinion but I think it would
Be cool if if they also had some call of duty like perks I’m also surprised nobody uses a jet pack or sword

You got to be trolling. Close this thread down before TC gets any ideas :joy:

Lolll Na I really do think players need abilities lol

No perks or abilities thinks for versus