My Gears 5 Review

This Game is Great in lots of ways and bad with lack of Creativity in some ways also…
but I will say this if you don’t enjoy the Campaign somethings wrong with you! The Multiplayer is very Addicting I play every day for hours haven’t enjoyed a Gears or game this much since Gears 2. Overall this game is a huge step forward for the Gears Series making the game more accessible to play by having it on game pass, being on steam and having it Cross-play is simply amazing making the game more popular as ever! I mean there is a reason it passed Fortnite for the most played game for a few days even if it was short-lived no other game has done that in over a year and this Gears is the biggest yet Popularity wise by far even being Xbox’s biggest Launch title since halo 4 back in 2012!

Now let’s get to the positives and Negatives from a true Gears fan.
*An emotional Roller coaster Campaign with some Nostalgia from Gears 2 with an awesome ending I wonder how Gears 6 will play out
*Very Addicting Multiplayer Gameplay wise very smooth and very Optimized
*Biggest Gears yet popularity wise, campaign wise, and with all the different modes in-game that being Multiplayer horde mode and now Escape
*More Accessible especially since it’s on game pass

*Micro-transactions are awful and need to be cut down in price by 50% and have bundles especially for Esports if you wanted to buy all the chrome skins for characters and weapons that would be 60$ it should be 25$ for all the chrome skins and Characters make it a bundle for each new set like the Aape cosmetic bundle
*Re-ups are not visible at all in-game against others or in the lobby which is a very huge disappointment not to mention you get the worst prestige rewards ever to date in any video game ever made we need to see our ranks in every mode including Ranked tiers and receive better Rewards! The blood sprays are pointless nobody can see or will take the time to look at in-game needs to be changed asap or removed. Banners need to be reworked Completely the only way you can see now is if you win MVP or at the end of a Horde match I believe…needs to be more visible with friends and going against others!
*Quitters need to receive a huge penalty in Ranked Quick-play and Arcade
Ranked they need to lose a lot of points towards there ranked tier and have a EXP penalty and call me crazy same with Quickplay and Arcade its ridiculous seeing people quit so fast because they lose a round or lose one game forcing others to play bots which is boring!
*more earnable cosmetics and more characters! certain main characters aren’t even playable in Multiplayer yet like what!?

Rating 8/10 Game of the Year for me especially if they continue to improve the game and keep putting out content

Good for you, I don’t like it.