My Gears 5 reveiw and reccomendations


Rifle play
i only played arcade so my opinions are based on this

Overall i am happy with how the guns feel, and i love that guns are now 90% recoil instead of bloom. i dont feel that the guns require much balancing , the only thing is i hope that actives work normally on the gnasher on all pve modes. Im liking the new guns and the new roles of the guns, out of all the guns i used i think the claw is now my new favorite.

The Omen
When i first saw it i really wasnt sure about it but now after playing and seeing it in game, honestly i think its fine and it doesnt need any change, now i would see some problems with it when in a dark area, but on bright maps its fine and i find no problems with it. I assume though that it will be changed so my feedback would be to have the just DBNO omen replace the 99% omen so its not so in your face and then leave the DBNO omen as it is, but as i said i honestly think its fine.

Happy with this mode, its a quick in quick out mode plus its not gnasherfest. i hope theres a vs bots arcade mode in the final game as im not a PvP person, because this will probably be my go-to mode for any vs challanges.

Happy with movement being slightly slowed down, it makes the game more strategic and i personally like that better.

Tour of Duty
YES, this is great i love that now i can work toward what i want instead of RNG for characters and skins, other than supply. one thing i do hope for is if stars are required for seasonal tour of duty ranks, have 3 challenges that count towards regular tour of duty and seasonal tour of duty and have 3 challenges that count only for seasonal, and the reason being not everyone can get in everyday so having more challenges allows those who cannot get in every day to do 6 challenges and then they can be gone for a few days but still get all rewards.

Allies system
Never used it in the test but this looks like a nice system, but i have one question, are there different ranks? so you have allies 1 and it gives a 2% xp boost but you can eventually get to allies 2 and you get 2.5% xp boost or is it once your allies thats it?

Match end and xp system
I like it, its much more clean, one little complaint is its a bit slow, plus in the tech test it would sometimes not show if you progressed on medals .

Nice system, helpful for new players, one request is if we see the return of classes in horde PLEASE have a horde exclusive bootcamp to help players understand class roles.

YES, YES, so much yes, i love that it is soo much cleaner, plus having one character and having the skins for them is going to make changing characters much easier, especially if you have alot of characters.

Overall very happy with the game and im excited to play.


  1. co-op vs bots, would like to see instead of choosing bot difficulty have each mode choose-able because in gears 4 unless your got your own lobby all co-op vs bots is KOTH i rarely see anything else, but have all bots matches on normal difficulty.

  2. choose when to activate boost, so when you get boost instead of it activating automatically you can activate it when you want, mainly want this so i can do the story before i play horde and escape.

  3. horde after wave scoreboard being quicker, while we haven’t seen anything with horde i would like the after wave scoreboard to be much faster, first off the kills should be just a number not ticks (this became a problem with juvie madness as it would take 40 seconds to just finish ticking the kills), second, honestly score is minor so please just tally it up faster. what i would like to see is the horde after wave scoreboard to only be up for about 5-7 seconds, since you can see score and kills on the scoreboard normally anyway.

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